Tuesday, July 24, 2012

[GIVEAWAY] A Pouch of Milky Goodness

Good day, readers!

It's been four months since the very first post of Milky Way Cafe. To celebrate this cyber journal's 100th post, I would like to spread the joy by giving one lucky winner a pouch of chocolate, worthy of milky goodness and creamy sweetness. Come on down and join the fun by simply following the instructions!

1.) Answer the questions below. Type down the answers on the comment box provided, and write the name of your Facebook and Twitter account.

- Which Milky Way Cafe's post you like the most? Why?

From what Disney's movie this picture is? What is the name of the restaurant?

2.) Tweet about this giveaway. Copy the url of this post and simply tweet about this giveaway contest, and don't forget to include the #MILKYWAYCAFE hastags. 

Pretty easy, huh? I bet you Disney-enthusiasts can answer those questions in a blink of an eye.

The winner will be announced on the 31st of August, 2012!

Have a great day, spread the joy, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


  1. 1. A Pouch of Milky Goodness. Because it's a giveaway, of course :D

    2.TOY STORY! pizza planet (?)

  2. 1. The one about the trip to Moe's place, well because I was in there and also because I really like the Sloppy Moe :D
    2. It's from Toy Story and the restaurant is Pizza Planet!


  4. - basically I like all of your post, it's fancy, honest, and.. tasty :p but above all, I fancy the most is "When Less Is More" a story about "Warkop". Why? because for me, warkop is a unique "one-stop" place, you can have snacks, or an emergency breakfast, luch and dinner, or you can just sitting around with your friends, talking about good old times and hava a glass of coffee or tea.. I myself loved to hangin around at warkop nearby my highschool until I graduated 4,5 years ago, until now, sometimes I go there, meet the old friends, sharing stories and realized that we're all grown up, and times flies.. a little place with many stories,too much stories so I can't tell you in this comment box :p
    anyway, as for your post, warkop is the place where I could "enjoy the little things in life".

    - The movie's Toy Story, and it's Pizza Planet, it's obvious.

    Aruga Perbawa Rizqi