Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ichigo Crepes: The Low-cost Crepes Booth

So far the best low-cost crepes booth I have ever found. Ichigo Crepes brings you a various range of sweet and spicy flavored crepes that will cost you less than Rp 20.000,00, or simply less than a couple of dollars. 

The name "Ichigo Crepes" has a meaning, which is "Strawberry Crepes" for "Ichigo" is the Japanesse of "Strawberry". My favorite flavor is the Chibi Banana Split, which contains of bananas, whip cream, strawberry-flavored ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, and strawberry jam. Like most Japanesse restaurant, you can find yourself a display of wax-based crepes at Ichigo Crepes. All of them look attractive and mouth-watery, but of course you shouldn't get your hopes up, for the outcome doesn't usually look similar to the wax-based display. 

My second favorite is the Sayuki Banana Choco. This particular crepe contains of bananas and chocolate sprinkles. Pretty simple, to be honest, but I love it; especially when the crepe shell is chewy and soft, and not crispy nor crunchy. 

You can get your Chibi Banana Split for less than a dollar

Yum, my favorite ice cream crepe of all time

Good Lord, you can get this crepe right here for only Rp 7.500,00

The making of Sayuki Banana Choco

Ichigo Crepes
Mall Metropolitan 2, Lt. 2
Mall Metropolitan, Bekasi

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