Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Last Valentine's Day

It has been a habit of mine to make chocolate on Valentine's Day Eve. I love to give sweets for my friends during this rather pink day since I was still in elementary school. Yes, my elementary-self was awesome enough to be able to make Valentine's Day chocolate.

Last Valentine's Day, I made some chocolate coated wafers and Cookies & Cream chocolates. Pretty fancy, huh? I used white chocolate and strawberry flavored chocolates, along with strawberry flavored wafers and chocolate biscuits. Those chocolates were pretty simple to make. You just have to use the stove to melt the chocolates and use your imagination.

The process of making chocolates for Valentine's Day

Shaped strawberry flavored wafers

One of the heart shaped wafers

Currently making Cookies & Cream chocolates

The strawberry flavored chocolates that I used to coat the wafers 

Valentine's Day chocolates, ready to be given to your loved ones

At school, I gave my friends their share of chocolates and I was happy to see them smiled and said "Thanks, Kinan!" A simple thanks was sufficient to make my Melancholy-self happy. I didn't expect that I would receive chocolates and sweets, but it turned out that I got a few. My friends were very sweet.

Got this nutty chocolate from my ex-classmate, who was a brainiac, named Feny

It was a bar of Fruit & Nut Silver Queen chocolate

Efata, who happen to go to the same school with me since elementary, gave
me this heart-shaped donut with vanilla glaze, chocolate crumbs, and colorful icings

I got those chocolates and lovely love cards from my best friends, Dila and Icha

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