Friday, July 6, 2012

Making Mowie Kay's No-bake Oreo Tarts

I finally got the chance to try out Mowie Kay's recipe of No-bake Oreo Chocolate Cherry Tarts. Despite the fact that it was my first time to make Oreo tarts, the result turned out to be fine and dandy. True, my tarts didn't look as appealing as Mowie Kay's, and that I made some changes to the recipe, but I was happy with the outcome, and so did my friends.

Yesterday, I went to a friend's house and made these delicious Oreo tarts. Efata is her name, we attended the same school since Elementary , and she was very kind for letting me use her kitchen, along with the cooking utensils, to make these scrumptious dessert. It took us around three hours to make nine tartlets and a plate full of chocolate-dipped Oreo, and our struggle paid off in the end.

Starting off by unpacking some Oreos and crush them properly. By using a bowl and a spoon, we made Oreo crumbs for the base of the tarts. It wasn't easy, crushing the Oreos, while the urge to scoop a spoonful of those crumbs and put them in your mouth existed. But we did it eventually and continued to the next step. 

Unloading a pack of Oreos

Just think of your ex and start crushing those Oreos like there's no tomorrow

Voila! a bowl of Oreo crumbs

I put in some margarin to a non-stick pan and let them melt. In the recipe, Mowie Kay melted some butter and immediately mix them with the Oreo crumbs, this is so that the crumbs will not be dry and can be shaped according to the tartlet pans. I did some changes to the recipe by adding some marshmallows to the melted margarine. I was going to melt the marshmallows and mix them with the Oreo crumbs, but I did something wrong and burnt the marshmallows instead. What supposed to be melted marshmallows, turned out to be a blob of burnt caramel. What mockery was that? 

Melt yourself some margarine, although using butter will be better 

Those were marshmallows

Caramelize those marshmallows 

Some serious marshmallow problem is happening right now


We had to dispose the caramel, and melt some more margarin. We didn't add anything this time, afraid that it might turned out like those marshmallows, and immediately mixed it with the Oreo crumbs. When the Oreo crumbs began to be sticky, Efata and I shape them properly, following the pattern of the tartlet pans. Being one of the creative fellows, Efata proposed an idea to put some marshmallows to the properly-filled tartlet pans. Best decision ever!

Adding marshmallows to the tarts to make them taste better

Yes, those were marshmallows with orange-flavored jelly fillings

After we were happy with the tart base and the tart fillings, we made some chocolate ganache to top the tarts. Simply melt some dark chocolates and mix it with creamer, then voila! your chocolate ganache is ready. When chocolates are melted, they will immediately freeze back into chocolates. But when you mix chocolates with creamer, it will still be liquid-like and a bit chewy, instead of turning back into bite-able chocolates.

We pour the creamy chocolates onto the tarts and let them cool by inserting them to the fridge. 

Add some chocolate ganache to the tarts

Whaddup, ganache!

It turned out that we had some extra spoonfuls of the chocolate ganache. So, we decided to unpack another batch of Oreo and made chocolate-dipped Oreo. It was pretty simple, as we only had to envelop the Oreos with the chocolate ganache. After we properly dipped the whole Oreos, we put them in the refrigerator as well. 

Don't you turn your back on leftovers because they can still be useful if
you just let your imagination works

Making chocolate-dipped Oreos, on progress

Store them in the fridge and let them cool off

Boy, those tartlets sure look tasty

We let both of the tartles and the dipped Oreos cool off for about one and a half hour. When we took them out from the fridge, they were icy and chewy, and simply enjoyable. We didn't manage to pull the tarts out from the tartlet pans, so we simply indulge by using spoons. 

Despite the fact that they were not very appealing to the eye, they tasted deliciously great! The chocolate ganache was not too sweet and not too bitter, and it made a perfect combination with the Oreo. On the other hand, the marshmallows were very chewy and soft, and they tasted as delicious as the tart as they were also covered by the chocolate ganache. All in all, my first no-bake tarts turned out pretty good. 

What do you think, Mowie Kay? Did I do good? 

Enjoy your homemade delights!

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