Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mom's Delicious Masterpiece

Recently, Mom made this fried chicken drumsticks covered with sweet and savory sauce, and it has been my favorite chicken dish that my Mom has ever made. It's pretty simple and easy to make, judging from the appearance and the presentation of the dish. If Mom decided to build a restaurant and include this plate of finger-licking good chicken in her menu, I would be a regular customer and visit the restaurant everyday. 

My Mom didn't immediately fry the chicken on a non-stick pan, yet she boiled them first. "I boiled the chicken drumsticks and the chicken wings first, then I deep-fried them using the pan," she said. When the chicken is perfectly cooked, she started to make the sauce. The ingredients were oil, soy sauce, ketchup, teriyaki sauce, and some garlic. Mix them all together and voila! nectar of God.

The texture of the chicken is a bit different, since it was cooked twice; boiled and deep-fried. The skin was crispy, yet the meat was rather soft and easy to bite. Don't hesitate to smother the chicken with some sauce before you take a big bite, for the sauce makes the chicken ridiculously scrumptious and savory. I'm not a person who can wipe out an entire chicken because I have issues with squishy chicken skin and chicken fat, but I literary finished the entire plate once. Hard to believe? Why don't you come to my house and let my Mom cook you some of this chicken. 

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