Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nasi Kucing for Dinner

Nasi Kucing means Cat Rice if we literary translated it into English. Most of you would probably think that this dish is one bizarre food, where rice and cat meat is mixed into one. But, you're stand corrected. Nasi Kucing is a regular rice that we can eat with other side dishes that were available, but the portion of the rice itself is very small, as if it is used to feed cats.

Unlike restaurants, the sellers of Nasi Kucing carry their food with a cart. They will place the cart in a strategic area, mostly at the side of the road, and set up some woven floors so that the customers can dine in. I know, it's not as comfy as it looks, but if you dine in with your friends, it will feel delightful and fun.

The sight of the dinning area

Other than food, the sellers also provide drinks, such as tea and coffee 

Usually, three large teapots can be found at most Nasi Kucing dinning place

The price of Nasi Kucing is rather cheap, depending of the side dishes that you chose to have. Deep-fried soy bean cake, or tempe, and tofu will probably cost Rp 500,00 per item, while the price of the other food on sticks may vary. 

I love to dine in at any Nasi Kucing dinning place. The atmosphere is very different from McDonalds or KFC. You can feel the simplicity and humbleness of this place. People from different kinds of social backgrounds can be found at this particular area, having low-cost luxurious dinner while exchanging stories with their friends and family. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you can overhear people who are sitting close to you talking. That way, you can learn the about the person's life, despite the fact that you don't even know each other. Quite fun, huh?

To dine in at any Nasi Kucing cart that you can find at the side of the roads is highly recommended for those of you who fancy food-ventures.

One of the man who owns the food cart

A wide varieties of low-cost food  for dinner

Dozens sticks of otak-otak and gizzards

Lots of quail eggs to feed the hungry people

My dinner, rice, a stick of quail eggs, and deep-fried tempe

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