Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nutella Crepe at Souq Waqif

When I was at Doha, Qatar, I visited a rather large traditional shopping area named Souq Waqif. At this particular market, you can find lots of stands that sells clothes, fabric, animals, food, antiquities, accessories, and cosmetics. I was on my way to grab dinner with my parents and we stumbled upon these lovely crepe sellers at the mouth of the market.

These ladies were selling crepes on the ground, unlike your usual crepe scenery that you can find at malls. They were wearing veils and making crepes like a boss. I couldn't help but to want to try at least a bite of the Nutella crepe, so I ordered one.

The choice of crepe were only Nutella Crepe, Honey Crepe, or Savory Crepe. The dough tasted a bit different than those fancy crepe at fancy restaurant. The crepe itself was pretty tasteless, it had this paratha bread flavor, and it was not sweet at all. The Nutella was generously added to the crepe by the veiled lady. She quickly fold the crispy crepe and handed it to me. It taste delicious! Not bad for an early appetizer.

The lady, adding some crepe dough to the frying pan

She quickly spread the crepe dough before it get burnt

When the Nutella is added, then she started to fold the crepe

This one was Honey flavored

Souq Waqif
Located in the heart of Doha,
between Musherib Street and Al Rayyan Road  

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