Friday, July 13, 2012

Nyan Cat for Breakfast

I finally got the chance to buy myself a pack of Pop Tarts! 

Pop Tarts, you see, is one of Kellogg Company's product. It's a sandwiched toaster pastry, with fillings inside and icing on top. This particular snack is well-known for its' heavenly deliciousness and its' one and only meme, Nyan Cat - the animated cartoon cat, with Pop Tarts for its' body, flying through space leaving rainbow trails behind. Pop Tarts is available in 29 flavors, and I managed to bought myself a pack that says, "Pop Tarts: Cookies & Creme". 

Pop Tarts. Pop Tarts everywhere.

This morning, I had a slice of the delicious Cookies & Creme Pop Tarts for breakfast. I opened the package slowly, as if I was handling a fragile object, and found four wrappings inside. It turned out that each wrappings consist of two Pop Tarts. This snack has a rather amusing package, with "Get us out of here!" and "It's dark in here!" written on the wrappers. Since I don't have a regular toaster nor a microwave, I used an oven toaster instead. A warning was written on the wrappings saying that we must not microwave the entire pouch. I didn't bother to obey. 

Being a badass by breaking the ultimate rule of Pop Tarts

When my Pop Tarts is heated perfectly, I took it out from the oven toaster and indulged immediately. For a few years I have waited for this day to come, and I can finally taste a bite of the almighty Pop Tarts! I thought that this funny-looking pastry would be crunchy like biscuits, but it turned out that it share a similar texture with those Ice Cream Sandwich's sandwich. The chocolate pastry was rather soft, yet still bitable,  while the icing on top was solid, crunchy, and sweet. 

I personally didn't like the chocolate pastry because it tasted funny in a bad way. Yes, it was chocolaty, but it left an unpleasant aftertaste and tasted slightly bitter. The icing, on the other hand, was sweet and delightful, and it made the chocolate pastry tasted nice. The vanilla fillings was also delicious and sweet. Eating Pop Tarts makes you feel as if you're consuming a dry version of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Don't you just want to take a bite?

Crack it open, then you will find yourself a hidden vanilla cream

For those who haven't try this delicious product of Kellogg's, go buy yourself a pack. Cookies & Creme Pop Tarts is very enjoyable, although I can't help but to think that the Chocolate Chips Pop Tarts and S'mores Pop Tarts would probably tasted more awesome. Enjoy your breakfast! Nyan~ 

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