Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Reminiscing New York

Back in December, when this food journal has not yet exist, I already showed great enthusiasm in documenting the food I ate. I was on my holiday, and my parents and I went to New York to spent it wisely. We travelled with Qatar Airways and make a quick pit stop at my Dad's apartment. It was morning when we arrived at Qatar. My Dad, along with his roommate picked my Mom and I at the airport. There were no breakfast available in the house, as my Dad and his roommate just woke up and immediately went to the airport, so we stop by at McDonald and ordered ourselves some burgers. 

A glass of tea before I head to dream land

Those burger tasted delish!

We stayed at Dad's place for a night, then the next morning we flew to New York. When we arrived at New York, I couldn't help but to chant Glee's mash up of "I Love New York/New York New York". Concrete jungle where dreams are made of it is. We stayed at Holiday Inn, a low-cost hotel which provides Pizza delivery and breakfast. The night after our arrival at Brooklyn, New York, we check in to the hotel and immediately ordered ourselves a large-sized Pizza. Didn't expect that each slice was bigger than my Mom's palm.

A large-sized Pizza according to Americans' point of view of large

That slice was bigger than my Mom's palm! Can you imagine?

The next morning, we had breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. A various choice of food was provided at that time. I couldn't help but to want to taste them all. There were four choices of cereals, bacon, mear, two choices of eggs, toasts, buns, croissant, a wide varieties of mini bread, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, milk, juices, and yogurts. Yes, I still remember what the hotel served for breakfast because I was beyond excited I couldn't help but to use my superb photographic memory skill to memorize them.

Fruity loops! Those colorful bastards kept tormenting me during breakfast, I couldn't help but to eat some..

My favorite kind of breakfast: American-style breakfast

We travelled New York. We travelled New York good. The first time I saw the Times Square was during the day, and it wasn't as glamorous as I thought it would be. But then, when the moon rose and the lights were lit, I was at awe. Times Square was  as awesome as I thought it would be! 

One day, during our stay at New York, we had lunch at this particular Italian restaurant at Brooklyn which name escapes me. I ordered myself a plate or burger, which turned out to be a humongous burger that came with some fresh vegetables and french fries on the side of the plate. A couple loafs of baguette with fresh tomatoes was also a part of the dish itself. Boy, I was stuffed. Not to mention I had some biscuits with butter for appetizer, complimentary from the restaurant.

Those buns were as hard as bricks

Those tomatoes were really refreshing

Still think that I'm not qualified to join Man Vs. Food?

I visited the Museum of Natural History. As you know, this museum is famous due to the movie Night at the Museum, and I was thrilled to be able to visit this huge place. Other than the exciting fact that I might stepped on what Ben Stiller stepped at this museum, the Planetarium at this museum was epic! My parents and I watched one of the show and I was overwhelmed. You know I would go gaga over space-related materials..

It was around three in the afternoon when my parents and I stepped out of the museum to meet my Mom's high school friend who lives at New York. We dine in at this nearby famous restaurant, located adjacent to the museum, and I ordered myself a plate of french fries with cheese. It was pretty costy, so I make sure that I finished the whole dish.

Melted cheese, yum!

There were so many awesome food in New York. I bought myself a vanilla macaroon at a big market in Manhattan, which costed me a dollar and fifty cent. It was pretty small in size, but I regret nothing. I also bought a pack of mini Oreos, which I didn't know existed at that time. Those sinful mini treats were damned good if you consume it as cereals. One of my favorite food was the space food that I bought at Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum. Those free-dried ice cream tasted good and space-like, it made me feel as if I was a real astronaut.

This pretty macaroon was sweet and heavenly

asdfghjkl what I don't even I didn't know mini Oreos existed

Houston, this space ice cream tasted superb

I enjoyed my stay at New York very much. I ate lots of food, saw magnificent places like the Ground Zero and Times Square, and meet different people. But, one thing that I favor the most is that I completed one of the things I wrote in my 'Things to do Before I Die" list, which is to eat McDonald at New York. I bought myself a Happy Meal, which consisted of cheese burger, apples, french fries, a bottle of fresh milk, and a toy, and I happily ate it at the corner of the street at Times Square. I couldn't help but to chant Glee's "I Love New York/New York New York" repeatedly at that time.

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