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Toko Kue Kari Umbi

Toko Kue Kari Umbi is the best traditional cake shop in Melawai. I've come back to this shop weekends after weekends just for the sake of buying a couple of its' famous chocolate crepe and some traditional sweets named Ongol-ongol. Other than traditional sweets, they also have deep-fried food, pastries, cookies, biscuits, and drinks at Toko Kue Kari Umbi. They even provide some plates and chairs incase if you want to dine in. What more can you expect from this awesome shop?

The great Toko Kue Kari Umbi

My most favorite snack of Toko Kue Kari Umbi is the chocolate crepes, and my second favorite is the eclairs. The chocolate crepes consists of rolled thin crepe, with chocolate cream inside. It's pretty simple, nothing fancy about this particular dessert, yet it tasted deliciously sweet. The eclairs are also delicious. Most of the time, the pastries are softened, but probably it's because I usually visit the shop in the afternoon. The size is not too small, and not too big, and the cake boss gave a generous amount of fillings inside. 

From left to right: Onde-onde, Chocolate Crepe, and Klepon

Those eclairs are tasty as heck

The cake shop also provides a wide variety of traditional snack and deep-fried food. They usually stack the traditional goods on the upper shelf, while the deep-fried are on the bottom. They have lots and lots of traditional snacks, such as Kue Lapis, Bolu Kukus, Dadar Gulung, Kue Bugis, Nagasari, Kue Ku, and many others. Dadar Gulung and crepe are somewhat similar, because their basic ingredients are pancake batter. What differs are the fillings that they use. 

Why don't you buy one from each kinds?

Another favorite of mine is this traditional sweets named Ongol-ongol. Ongol-ongol has a jelly-like texture and it's very sweet. It is covered with shredded coconuts so that it wont stick on our hands when we grab it. It's fun to eat Ongol-ongol! At first it tasted like squishy jelly that's about to burst, but as you chew it, the shredded coconut and the sweet compound combine and make the entire snack itself rich in taste. Sweet from the palm-sugar-based jelly-like compound, yet milky and savory from the shredded coconut. A definite must-try!

Ongol-ongol are the one on the left

A tray of various traditional snacks for Tea Time

As for the deep-fried goods, they have Fried Tofu, Spring Rolls, Fried Meatballs, Batagor, and Siomay. My favorite is the Batagor, which is deep fried dumpling-skin covered dough, but this one has a boiled quail egg inside. Whenever I feel like it, I always grab a plate that was provided in the shop, took a couple of Batagor, asked the shop keeper to cut it into pieces, poured some nut sauce, and dig in.

Batagor are the one on the left, while Fried Meatballs are on the right

Cut Batagor, ready to be indulged

Don't forget the nut sauce!

The color of the Mochi matches my nail art

For those of you who haven't visit Toko Kue Kari Umbi, go order yourself a cab and drive to the designated place. The food here are not pricey, yet tasted great and in good conditions. With Rp 50.000,00, you can get lots of snack, either it be traditional snacks, pastries, biscuits, or deep-fried food, and you wont get hungry for the rest of the day. 

And, perhaps, if you want to buy something to break the fast, Toko Kue Kari Umbi usually sell some Tajil during the Ramadan Season. They usually sell this particular Tajil named Biji Salak, which is a cup of sweet-potato-based sweet balls in a mixture of palm-sugar and coconut milk sauce. I personally love Biji Salak, and you should try one if you haven't try it before. 

Toko Kue Kari Umbi
Jl. Melawai Raya 166
Melawai Plaza, Lt. 1 / 259
Melawai, Kebayoran Baru - Jakarta 12160

Phone: (021) 739 3387

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