Saturday, July 21, 2012

When Food and Flashlight Collide

Yesterday, on my way back home after a dentist appointment, I stopped by at an Onde-onde seller near my housing complex. The name of the place was "Onde-onde Coplok", which sells Onde-onde and other traditional snack. I bought myself a pack of Onde-onde Coplok, which costed me Rp 12.000,00, because I had this sudden urge to get a taste of its' crispy shell and sweet mung bean paste that needed to be fulfilled. 

Onde-onde, you see, is one of Indonesia's famous traditional snack. It is made out of deep-fried dough, sprinkled with sesame seeds beforehand, and filled with a ball of mung bean paste. It taste delicious and amusing. The outer shell is crispy and crunchy, that is if you're lucky to get yourself some that just came out from the frying pan, and nutty. The fillings, on the other hand, is sweet and chewy. Most Onde-onde are filled with mung bean paste, but there are others that are filled with red bean paste and other foodstuff. 

The Onde-onde Coplok that I bought yesterday was still crispy and crunchy, even though it wasn't as warm as I expected it would be. The mung bean paste was in a shape of a ball and not the slightest bit attached to the inner part of the crispy shell, so you can hear it move if you shake the Onde-onde. The condition of the mung bean ball, which is unattached to the shell and free to move within the deep-fried dough, is the reason why this Onde-onde is called Onde-onde Coplok, because "Coplok" means "to fall out" in traditional Indonesian slang. 

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