Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Favorite at Gudang Rottie

Cheese and Smoked Beef Bun has become my number one favorite bun of Gudang Rottie! This particular bun is very soft, topped with shredded cheese and filled with a slice of smoked beef with melted cheese on top. The bun itself is rather sweet and and light, and it blended well with the fillings. 

I usually buy myself a couple of Cheese and Smoked Beed Bun when I was at work and when my stomach sang the song of its' people. Being a waitress at Gudang Rottie gives you a privilege to get a 10% discount to every product, which make me have to pay Rp 6.300,00 for a piece of Cheese and Smoked Beed Bun instead of Rp 7.000,00. Awesome, huh?

I usually put the bun into a microwave and warm it for around 4 minutes. The top part of the bun is usually burnt at some places, I like my food burnt, and the bun gets lighter and sloppier. If you cut the bun into two parts right in the middle, you can see the cheese-topped smoked beef peeking from the inside. Every bites flutters my heart with joy as the savory fillings and the sweet bun collide. A definite must try for those who fancy savory and soft buns! 

Gudang Rottie 
Rukan Villa Jatibening Tol
Kav. A4, Bekasi 17412

Phone: (021) 9737 2883

Opening Hours: 
Monday - Sunday: 8AM - 10PM

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