Friday, August 3, 2012

Dinner With The Yearbook Committee

Meet the Yearbook Committee

I just got home after spending the night at Mr. Curry with the Yearbook Committee. We broke the fast, had dinner, and devoured parfaits. I've been wanting to go back to Mr. Curry and I finally did it. I even prepared my stomach by not munching on snack after I had brunch to show how determined I was. Today was my second visit to Mr. Curry and the food was still as delicious as ever.

Started with a glass of complimentary sweet tea, then followed with a glass of Iced Lemon Tea and a plate of Tori Karaage as an appetizer. There were dates and glasses of tea served on the table as complimentary dishes for the Muslims to break the fast. Much to my surprise, the tea tasted different in a good way. It was sweet, yet it has this flavor that tasted very familiar. Either it was fruit-flavored tea or candy-flavored tea, I couldn't tell, but it sure tasted good!

Iced Lemon Tea

Some dates to break the fast

A glass of funny flavored complimentary tea

There were twelve of us, dinning in at Mr. Curry, and we ordered plenty of food. Sally, Enno, and I shared a plate of appetizer because we didn't want to get ourselves full before the main course. Well, at least I didn't. The Tori Karaage was delicious and crispy, but it was fatty and squishy. I'm not a big fan of food that still has fats in it, especially the squishy and the rubbery ones, so I just took a piece of the Karaage. 

What I love about the appetizer was the lettuce and the dipping sauce. There was a slice of lettuce on the Karaage plate and I was in the mood for some juicy greens, so I took it and dipped it in the Tartar sauce. Man, that piece of lettuce was juicy! The Tartar sauce was very delicious, savory and sour, as well. Too bad I didn't bring some breadsticks with me. 

Tori Karaage for appetizer

Creamy Tartar Sauce

Cindy ordered herself a plate of deep-fried tofu for appetizer. They were as big as thumbs and very few. I tried a bite. It turned out that those tofu had a rather unique texture. "Delicious, right, Kin? These tofu are crispy on the outside, yet very soft and light on the inside," said Sally. Yes, those tofu were very light. The inner part of the tofu was very soft and fragile, it literary disperse in your mouth. Highly recommended for those who prefer a rather light appetizer!

Light and crispy deep-fried tofu

Febby's delicious looking cream soup and juice

"Curry-a-plenty" described our dinner perfectly. I ordered myself the same dish that I ordered on my first visit to Mr. Curry, which is a plate of Katsu Omurice for dinner, crispy chicken katsu on top of fried-egg-enveloped tomato fried rice. It came with a generous amount of savory curry sauce on the sides and a tiny bowl of salad. I enjoyed the dish very much! It's a good thing I didn't eat snacks beforehand.

Febby's creamy omelet rice

My crispy and delicious Katsu Omurice

Salad for dessert

Christy's Curry Katsu Rice

Sally's Fried Cheese Salmon Curry Rice

The thing about Mr. Curry is that they always have discount promotions everyday. The promo may vary, depending on what day that you dine in. Since today was Thursday, and Thursday's promo is "Buy two Jumbo Parfaits, free one Macaroon Parfait", we had a parfait party! 

I've been wanting to try Mr. Curry's parfait and I finally did. I ordered myself a Chocolate Banana Jumbo Parfait, like the one that Iqbal and Bagas had. Judging from the size of the parfait, Sally and Enno decided to share their parfait because they didn't think that they could finish a glass. Bimo, Andrew, Anty, Cindy, and Febby had three different flavors of Macaroon Parfait, which were Cookies and Cream Parfait, Tutty Fruity Parfait, and Chocolate Parfait. Dimas had a big glass of Blueberry and Kiwi Jumbo Parfait. Christy ordered herself a Green Tea Jumbo Parfait. And then there was this Strawberry Pudding Parfait that belonged to Christy and I, but we decided to share it with the girls.

Bimo's and Anty's Cookies and Cream Macaroon Parfait

Andrew's and Febby's Chocolate Macaroon Parfait

The Jumbo Parfait consisted of corn flakes at the bottom of the glass, then topped with some creamy and stuffing whipped cream. The whipped cream was covered with a generous amount of Vanilla ice cream, then it was garnished with toppings accordingly. Each parfaits had different toppings, but we could all find Strawberries and Pocky sticks in every parfait that we ordered. The Macaroon Parfaits, on the other hand, had different flavored macaroons on top of the Vanilla ice cream.

Cindy's Tutty Fruity Macaroon Parfait

Dimas' Blackberry and Kiwi Parfait

Good Lord, look at those parfaits!

Stop tormenting me, parfait. You know I can't resist you. 

Sally's and Enno's Mango Parfait

Christy's Green Tea Parfait

My Chocolate Banana Jumbo Parfait was very very very delicious! The chef used shredded dark chocolates as toppings, which blended well with the Vanilla ice cream and made the whole parfait itself didn't tasted too sweet. The roasted almonds were also very delightful to be consumed, along with the strawberry and the bananas. Then I proceed to dig a little dipper to get myself a spoonful of whipped cream and corn flakes. A hint of chocolate fudge was found, mixed with the whipped cream and the corn flakes, making the bottom part of the parfait the best part there is. The next thing I know, I finished the whole parfait all by myself.

Then I proceed to get a taste of the yellow colored pudding on top of the Strawberry Pudding Jumbo Parfait. The pudding was pretty tasteless at first, but then it gave this slight caramel flavor as you chew. The other girls were stuffed, but I continued to eat my second parfait. I had to stop at some point because Osmosis Jones accidentally bumped into my Puke Button, somewhere inside my body, making me feel all queazy.

Strawberry Pudding Parfait that was shared with everybody

My Chocolate Banana Parfait

This parfait, I worship it. 

Delicious stacks of corn flakes at the bottom of the parfait glass

All I can say is that dinner was great! If you're looking for a place to break the fast with your friends and family, Mr. Curry is the right place to be. A wide selection of appetizer, main course, and dessert is available at Mr. Curry, and I can guarantee your satisfaction. They even have a daily discount promotion, which includes a 2-in-1 lunch set and a buy-2-get-3 promo! For more information, you can check out Mr. Curry's Twitter account here.

Mr. Curry
Restaurant Row Level 3, Pondok Indah Mall 2

Jl. Metro Pondok Indah 
Jakarta 12310

Phone: (021) 7592 0666

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday: 10 AM - 10 PM

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