Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Having It My Way

I constantly visit Burger King when I have the chance, along with my Mom. We usually ordered ourselves BK Double when we're very hungry, but there are times when we just order BK Single and head off to the cinema to watch movies. 

Last week, when I was sleeping over with my best buds, Icha and Dila, Mom went to Blok M all by herself to have her "Me Time". All that I know is that she went to a lot of places and brought back lots of food, including a BK Double for me. How awesome of you, Mom!

My all-time favorite menu of Burger King is its' Barbeque Beef Bacon Burger. A slice of minced beef, topped with melted cheddar cheese, sandwiched with a pair of warm toasted buns. Don't forget the bacon slices, smothered in sweet barbeque sauce, slipped between the buns and the minced beef. A bite of that scrumptious burger will fly you to the moon. 

This is my way of enjoying Burger King's burgers.
How about yours?

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