Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Almighty Century Egg

Have you ever heard of this bizarre food? The name is Century Egg and it's a must-try food for those who happen to fancy food-ventures, especially the bizarre ones. Preserved for weeks in a mixture of clay, salt, ash, lime, and rice hulls, the result is simply jaws-dropping. If you crack open a hard-boiled egg, you'll find yourself a squishy egg white, along with a firm and full of protein yellow-colored egg yolk. But, when you crack open a Century Egg, you'll find a transparent black-colored albumen (egg white) and a dark grayish green colored vitellus (egg yolk). Pretty funky, huh? 

Last week, when I was sleeping over with my best buds, Icha and Dila, my Mom had dinner with her sister. They dined in at a restaurant named Furama, and I'm pretty envious for not being able to join in the fun because the restaurant has lots of food that I've been wanting to try, including the Century Egg. Fortunately, Mom sent me a picture of the food at Furama and offered me a take-out. I immediately pleaded her to bring home some Century Egg. 

The next morning, I went home in the late afternoon and found myself a wrapping of what it seemed to me like Century Egg. I opened that plastic wrapping and I went, "I'm seeing a Century Egg and I can touch it with my own hands! Thank you, Lord!"

The egg was somewhat out of place, maybe because it was kept in a plastic bag all night long. My hands were fidgeting. the urge to take a bite was unbearable. I want to be able to savor the uniqueness of the so-called Century Egg. I don't want the egg to disappear in a snap of a finger. I decided to slice the egg into two parts, one to be eaten in the afternoon and one for dinner. "This is it, self, the moment you've been waiting for," I said to myself, "You're finally going to taste a Century Egg!"

I smelled it, hoping that it would smell either like Hulk's armpit or Captain America's sweaty suit, and it pretty much share the same odor like a normal hard-boiled egg, yet somehow acidic and tangy. I took a bite of the transparent black jelly-like egg white. It was pretty much tasteless, although I was very much amused by its' color. Then, I proceed to try the eeky-colored egg yolk. I took a bite. At first, the egg yolk tasted like how yellow egg yolk would tasted like. But then, the flavor started to come out. It was pretty acidic, has a vinegar-like flavor, very savory like how an egg yolk should tasted like, creamy yet firm, and I think it was delicious!

In my personal opinion, Century Egg is a fine delicious dish that I love better than mushroom. It has a very unique flavor and color, and it tasted unique as well. Although this particular food has the ability to make people go, "Eeeeewwww!", it is very tasty and it has a strong flavor. Do not hesitate when you spot a black colored egg when you dine in at a restaurant, order some and enjoy the acidic taste of the egg yolk!

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