Wednesday, August 8, 2012

When Less is More

It has been a week since I share the same occupation as Ayuzawa Misaki from Maid-sama and I have enjoyed every second of it. Being a waitress is a tiring job indeed, but I had fun and learned so much from my colleagues! I even learned the fact that there is a small shop that sells instant noodles and drinks just across Villa Jatibening, where Gudang Rottie is located, and I have been visiting the small shop most of the time during my break time. 

It was during my third day of work when I first saw the small shop. The shop is located between a large Warung Masakan Padang and a meatball shop. This particular small shop was far from fancy, but it was love at first sight. I entered the shop immediately and observed like an excited kid in an amusement park. There were a couple of benches, organized neatly at the side of the table. Instant coffee sachets and frying pans decorated the lousy cardboard wall. The shop was small, yet cozy. 

A young lady came out from the back of the shop and asked me what I would have with a big smile on her face. "A glass of orange juice and a bowl of noodle, please," I said. The young lady nodded and prepared my order immediately. "Would you like to have your noodle well done, or medium rare," she asked. I prefer my noodle a bit chewy and slightly bitable, so I asked her not to over cooked it. Ten minutes later, my orange juice was served, along with my noodle, and I spent my break time enjoying the little things in life. 

A glass of instant orange juice

A bag of deep-fried tofu that I bought at a Gorangan vendor near my Gudang Rottie

A bowl of medium-rare noodle, topped with vegetables and an egg

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