Wednesday, August 1, 2012

When productivity and Procrastination Collide

"Couch potato" is probably the right term to describe my well-being for the passed couple of days. Yesterday, I spent the entire day watching Tv and munching on snacks, and not giving any kinds of attention to other things, including my laptop. But, I decided to be productive today by helping out my Mom in the kitchen and practicing my skill in making latte art. Unfortunately, productivity lasted until noon, then it's back to being a couch-potato.

Started the day with my foamy hot chocolate

Mom cooked all day because Dad requested her to make some dishes that he can bring to Doha, Qatar. Being a great cook that she is, my Mom woke up early in the morning and started cooking until the sun set. One of the dishes that she made was Rawon, a traditional black beef stew with rich flavors. Keluak is the main ingredient of making Rawon. This particular spices is also known as black nuts.

Horcrux-like Keluak, cannot be destroyed without the right tool

Keluak's outer shell is very hard to break. You cannot break the outer shell of Keluak without the right tool, which is a hammer, making it look like a Horcrux and the Sword of Gryffindor. Crack open the outer shell of Keluak and you will find a soft black mushy subject that will be used to give flavor and color to Rawon. Pretty interesting stuff we got here.

The rather soft and mushy inner part of Keluak


Then, I minced. Since Mom was cooking lots of food, she prepared a large amount of garlic and red onion to be minced. Being a diligent student that I am, I grabbed myself a knife and started cutting them to small pieces.

Mince them garlic and onion like a garlic boss

Working at Gudang Rottie has given me lots of knowledg,e including the existence of latte art. I was determined to be able to make latte art, so I decided to give it a try this morning. Since I was not in the mood for latte or coffe, I used hot chocolate as an alternative. Yet, instead of successfully drawing a tulip on the hot chocolate with foamy milk, I ended up making bubbly drink that looked unappealing. It seemed like my first attempt at latte art flunked.

Second attempt at latte art

I failed miserably 

I woke up at nine in the morning and I was pretty sleepy when noon approaches. I hadn't eat anything for breakfast, so Mom gave me a couple slices of Kue Apem. Kue Apem is a traditional cake originated from Indonesia that tasted delicious, yet funny in an amusing way. It is served with some shredded coconut to make it tasted milky and savory. 

Kue Apem for breakfast

Sweet, savory, and milky

I can't say that I've been productive, but I can't say I've been procrastinating either. True, I helped Mom in the kitchen from nine in the morning until the middle of the day, but then I got back to the couch and started watching Thor. Good Lord, I didn't even helped Mom cutting the meat for the Rawon! Man, I'm lazy. 

My mom is a meat bauss!

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