Sunday, September 9, 2012

Disney Crackers For Disney Enthusiast

Calling all Disney enthusiast, you have got to buy this particular crackers made by Morinaga! Morinaga Pakkuncho Disney Crackers is the name of the Japanese origin snack. So far, I only found two flavors that were on sale here at Indonesia, which are Strawberry and Chocolate. The crackers are as big as my thumbnail and there are drawings of Disney characters on each crackers. Isn't that awesome?

Strawberry flavored Morinaga Pakkuncho Disney Crackers  

Scissors take the wheel!

The inner sight of the packaging is decorated with printed pictures of Disney characters. There are Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, The Beast, Ariel, Prince Phillip, and many more! Too bad Jim isn't included in the crackers, along with Uncle Scrooge, Joe Carioca, and Panchito Pistole. Those four characters are my favorite as well.

The sight of the crackers' inner packaging

Can you name all of them?

The crackers are filled with either Strawberry paste or Chocolate paste. Both flavor tasted great, but I'd prefer the Chocolate crackers. The color of the drawings on each crackers depends on the flavor, if it's Strawberry flavor then the drawing will be in pink, if it's Chocolate flavor then the drawing will be in brown.

Spotted two Disney Princesses!

Again, can you name them all?

My favorite Disney character of all time, Donald Duck!

Highly recommended for Disney enthusiast! You can get these crackers at Ranch 99 Market, Dharmawangsa Square, or at All Fresh, or at Food Hall, or any other place that sell imported goods. It will cost you Rp20.000,00 for a box of Morinaga Pakkuncho Disney Crackers, but it's worth it!

Chocolate flavored Morinaga Pakkuncho Disney Crackers

Look, it's Prince Phillips!

It's Donald's girlfriend, Daisy Duck

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