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Sam's Strawberry Corner

Sam's Strawberry Corner

A new-comer from Bandung that sells fresh Strawberry juice and other munchies that can be consumed during Tea Time. I went to Sam's Strawberry Corner a day before my medical check up at Kemayoran. I was having a hard time in choosing what I was going to have at Sam's because they have a such mouth-watery selection of food and beverages. Brownies, Pudding, Noodles, you can find them all at this petite food corner. I decided to order myself a glass of Strawberry Lychee, along with a dessert named Strawberry Cream Cheese. I didn't know what that is, but it sounded appealing to the ear. 

Sam's mouth-watery menu

Five minutes later, our order arrived at the table. Mom had a glass of Strawberry Lychee as well, and a plate of Somay. Our neighbor, Tante Andin, who introduced us to Sam's Strawberry Corner had a bowl of Mie Yamin Manis and fresh Strawberry Juice. 

What I had during Tea Time

Sam's Strawberry Cream Cheese came out in a rather small plastic glass. It consisted of stacks of cream cheese and strawberry jam, which turned out to be Sam's homemade product. Topped with cheese cookies crumbs on top of the cream cheese, this particular dessert is beyond enjoyably sweet and savory. It's a shame that the cookie crumbs were very few.

As a person who is not too fond of fruit jam, I find Sam's homemade Strawberry Jam an exception. It's not too sweet, and not too sour. The jam went well with the cream cheese and the cookie crumbs. The cream cheese, on the other hand, was not sweet at all. It was very creamy and savory. 

Cheese cookie crumbs on top

This is what you called Sam's Strawberry Cream Cheese

A stack of Sam's Cream Cheese and Homemade Strawberry Jam 

My Strawberry Lychee was very juicy and refreshingly sweet! Nothing special about this particular drink, because it's merely a fusion juice, a combination between strawberry and lychee, but highly recommended if you happen to visit Sam's Strawberry Corner. 

Tante Andin's Fresh Strawberry Juice

Mom's Strawberry Lychee

Tante Andin's Mie Yamin looked very appealing. If only I didn't have a medical examination on the next day, I would definitely order myself a bowl just like hers. Her Mie Yamin is smothered in soy sauce, therefore it tasted sweet. It came out with a bowl of broth with babat inside, and topped with chicken flakes and spring onion. 

Tante Andin's Mie Yamin

Those are snow-like object on top the noodles are Chicken Flakes

Babat, you see, is the inner wall of cow's stomach. Pretty bizarre, huh? It is actually one of the most common 'bizarre food' in Indonesia, other than chicken intestine, chicken liver, cow tongue, and goat genital parts. "Now this is the babat I've been looking for," exclaimed Mom, "it's different from the babat I usually eat and it tasted better!" Tante Andin offered me some of her babat. I was very curious about its' taste so I accepted her offer, but I hesitated a bit because babat can increase our cholesterol. I don't usually think about those problem, but since I was going to have a medical examination, I had to think twice before I eat. Mom said that it's okay if I eat one, so I took a spoon and gulped the funny looking food. I was expecting a fat-like texture, all squishy and nauseating, but the babat turned out chewy and spongy, and it was pretty tasteless too.

They may look like sea creatures, but they are actually the inner wall of cow's stomach

No, they are not sea anemones

It looks like a hybrid of octopus, jelly fish, and anemone

Mom's Somay

Savory peanut sauce, combined with sweet soy sauce, as dipping

Sam's Strawberry Corner
Kalimalang, Duren Sawit
Behind GIANT Hypermarket, adjacent to POLSEK Duren Sawit
Jakarta Timur

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