Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Comic Cafe Rises

I finally made it to Comic Cafe, yaaaaaay! My friend, Memes, told me about this funky restaurant a while ago and I have been dying to rest my butt in that place ever since. "The restaurant is very unique, it's decorated with drawings of comic characters, and the food is great, and there are comics available in that restaurant for you to read," said Memes. How can a person don't want to eat at such place?

Yesterday, I met Memes and her Mom at the Medical Checkup Center. After we took care of everything we need to do, we headed to Epicentrum Walk to have lunch at the second location of Comic Cafe. The restaurant is very noticeable, you can tell by the nicely painted MARVEL and DC Comics characters on the walls and the speech balloon with writings of "Comic Cafe" on it. When I entered the restaurant, I was mesmerized. 

The sight of the beautifully decorated Comic Cafe

The wall was filled with action figures and comic books trapped in a glass box, there were Super Saiyan and Flash hanging on the ceiling, the walls were drawn with scanned comic books, manga characters, and hands of some MARVEL characters, such as Ironman, Spiderman, and the Hulk. The restaurant is two stories high, and we had lunch at the second story. And the chairs, don't get me start on the chairs, has prints of comic on it! I spotted the one with Detective Conan manga and some other manga about baseball and tennis. Some chairs also has printed silhouette of some famous animated characters on it, like Tintin, Hello Kitty, Tom Cat, and Donald Duck. You think you have seen it all? Wait until you see the menu!

Genius idea for decoration!

The menu, ladies and gentlemen, was also made by a genius. The style of the menu is like a comic, decorated with speech balloons, superhero characters fighting against monsters, and catchy names. It's like reading an actual comic book, but without a story line and it's about food superheroes! 

Comic Cafe's epic comic book menu

After long consideration, I decided to order myself a glass of Kiwi Iced Tea same as Memes' Mom, while Memes had a glass of Orange Iced Tea. My iced tea looked pretty odd. There were green liquid at the bottom of the glass, which I assumed as Kiwi syrup. If we stir the drink, the green syrup and the brown tea will collide, then the whole drink completely changed color into dull green. My iced tea looked like a crime scene. But, it was very refreshing and sweet, and I enjoy every slice of Kiwi! 

Our sweet and refreshing iced tea

Memes' Orange Iced Tea

Ibu Tati, or Memes' Mom's, Kiwi Iced Tea

Not a pretty sight for a thirst-quenching drink

I had a hard time in choosing what to have for lunch. The food seemed very attractive and fancy, I want to eat them all! They were not that expensive either, for example you can have a big plate of Pizza for only Rp 50.000,00. The spaghetti looked very delicious, not to mention the soup and salad, the steak as well. I was flustered, it's as if defeating Loki would be much easier than choosing a dish to eat!

Memes had a plate of Spaghetti Salmon Aglio Olio and a snack platter consisted of potato balls and fried chicken pop, while her Mom had a plate of Imperial Salad. Aglio Olio. The more you say the word, the funnier and weirder it will be. Aglio Olio. Aglio Olio. Aglio Olio. I can't even pronounce it right. When my dinning partner has this particular dish during meal, I automatically go, "May I have a spoonful of you ogliaoaliolio?" I tried a swirl of Memes' Salmon Aglio Olio and it tasted good, although I can't see why can't the dish be named "Spaghetti Salmon" without the oaglioaloio.

Where's the salmon in this Aglio?

Those cheese sticks on top of the Imperial Salad looked crunchy and tasty

Can you spot which Superheroes can be found in this snack platter?

After defeating Mr. Freeze and Joker, which was an easier thing to do compared to choosing what I want to have for lunch, I finally set my eyes on a unique and awesome dish. Its' name is Dark Knight Cheese Burger, a burger unlike any other burger that you can find here in Jakarta. It lurks in the dark, waiting for the right time to ambush bad guys and send them to prison. This burger, it has a loyal butler named Alfred, who took care of it since its' parents died. I obviously can tell that you can tell that I'm rambling.

The reason why the burger I ordered is named after Batman, is because the burger is black in color. Get it? Batman is the Dark Night, and he wears black suit. The burger's name is Dark Knight Cheese Burger, and it is black in color. Get it? Get it? I expected a grayish and burnt burger, but it turned out that the buns they used were charcoal black in color. What is this sorcery? 

The Dark Knight rises!

The burger sandwiched four kinds of vegetables, two kinds of sauce, a slice of cheese, and a grilled minced meat. Lettuce, tomatoes, pickle, onion ring, mayonnaise, ketchup were in it. As manly as the burger may sound, its' physical appearance resembled Krabby Patties' Pretty Patty. 

To me, the Dark Knight Cheese Burger was not suitable to be eaten like the usual burgers that you can get at Burger King or McDonald, the one where they are squashed until they are thin enough to be gobbled down. So, I decided to dig in like a Lady, using knife and fork. The vegetables were fresh and firm, but I was not in the mood for some vegetables so I didn't eat them. 

Started off by eating the cheese, then proceed to taste the black bun. The buns were very soft and delicious, but there's a hint of flavor in it. I'm not sure what it was, but I'm guessing it was sesame seeds. The grilled beef was delicious, and sweet and savory, but it had too much fat in it. It's like 50% meat and 50% fat, you can actually taste the chewy and greasy chunks. All in all, the burger was delicious though. I give a 7 for the Dark Knight Cheese Burger.

It's a Krabby Patty, can't you tell?

Black colored inside out

The burger came with a very salty french fries

Even the hot sauce is decorated with badass female heroin!

I have to say that I enjoyed every minute of my stay at Comic Cafe! Great food, awesome decoration, nice atmosphere, and it's a fine place to visit with your fellow MARVEL enthusiast. Other than MARVEL comic book, they also have some Japanese manga and Indonesian comics too, so for those who love local comics can get a glimpse of the traditional Ramayana stories as well.

Comic Cafe
Epicentrum Walk
Kuningan, Jakarta


  1. try the different atmosphere in the different location, you can find the first branch of comic cafe in Tebet, and it's really easy to find it :)

    1. Thank you for the recommendation. I shall pay a visit to Comic Cafe Tebet soon! :D