Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another Box of Pop Tarts

So, today, I bought my second box of Pop Tarts. Since I have tried the Cookies and Cream Pop Tarts before, I decided to try the S'mores Pop Tarts. The box was decorated with chocolate-glazed tart, with chocolate and white filling, which I assume as the chocolate blocks and the marshmallow spread. I couldn't wait to go home and lay my hand on my first piece of S'mores.

A box of S'mores Pop Tarts

It turned out, I like the Cookies and Cream Pop Tarts better. Don't get me wrong, this one tasted sweet, sugary, and delightful as well, but it's not much to my liking. The chocolate glaze went along perfectly with the tart and the fillings, but I'm not fond of the plain tasteless tart. The white filling was actually marshmallow spread, I could tell by the rocky and bubbly texture. All in all, it was a fine Pop Tart, but I think I prefer to have some genuine S'mores during camping.

The physical appearance of the so-called camp food

Chocolate and marshmallow for fillings

Hey look, it's Tintin!

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