Thursday, October 4, 2012

Deutschland Über Alles: Day 2 of Oktoberfest

It was in the evening when my parents and I arrived at Theresienwiese once again, yet the sun was still shining in a blinding way. I was in the mood for ice cream, even though my throat got worst. But, I guess I was born a badass, so I ordered myself a scoop of Tiramisu-flavored ice cream that costed me 1.50  and dig in. 

Met some fellow Asians at the ice cream booth

Tiramisu flavored ice cream, yum!

"A friend of mine is going to come here and have dinner with us," said Dad, "so, in the mean time, let's have some more beer!" Then off we went to a small beer garden. My parents ordered themselves half-a-liter beer, while I gulped down the fresh and cold tap water that I got from the hotel.

Filling those glass with some Paulaner weissbier

Keep 'em coming

He was very determined to finish his beer
The pretty beer lady

Another round, perhaps?
While my parents were busy eating beer foam, I was determined to find real food to eat. I was lucky to find a rather attractive food stand near the beer garden. They were selling sausages in a bun like always, but they also have pork steak! Can you imagine? They were very wide and thick, wider and thicker than my palm. There were three different kinds of steak  and each of them costed 5 . I wasn't going to get myself some of those delicious juicy meat, but I couldn't resist the temptation. I went back to the beer garden with a big sandwich on my hand, and my parents went, "What is that thing?!". 

I made a wise decision on buying myself a pork steak because that steak tasted superb! There were minor fat on the steak. It was well-cooked, and the sauce that they used was spicy and savory. It was served with a handful of fried onion, which didn't tasted so bad. The buns were soft and it went well with the steak. All in all, it was a well-spent 5 

Schlemmerhutte's meat stand

Steak numero uno

Steak numero dos

The steak lady, filling some buns with meat and fried onions

Good Lord, would you look at that!

My Pork Steak Sandwich, ready to be indulged with pride


The sun set and my Dad's friends came. They immediately ordered another round of beer before we all go grab some dinner. Friend numero uno was Louis, a Spanish guy that looks somewhat similar to Robert Downey Jr, and friend numero dos was Rich, a guy whose homeland escaped me who works in a submarine. 

Never start a dinner without beer

As I mentioned before, here at Oktoberfest you will find lots of big tents. Now, these tents are rather exclusive because we can enjoy beer and some food that you cannot find at the food corners outside the tents. There is a big ipen space inside the tent for musicians to play songs, for the people to dance or sing-along to. Some songs that they usually play are "We Are the Champion" and "Dancing Queen", and they also play other songs in German which I don't know the title. When a tent has reached its' quote, the door will be closed by the security, allowing those who didn't manage to get some seats to feel envious and agonized. The thing is, can you imagine the situation inside the tent when everybody is drunk?

The inside of the tent during day time

If you think this is crowded, wait until night falls

I was lucky to be able to find a table inside the tent, despite the fact that we had to share it with other people. Behind me sat a group of adults who apparently drank too much beer. "Where do you come from," asked a bald guy with a beer stomach. Do take notes that he asked the question with a rather incomprehensible accent and in a state where he is dead drunk. "Indonesia," I answered. A second later, he started to howl for my mother country, "INDONESIA! INDONESIA! BRAVO INDONESIA!" with a glass of beer on his hand.

I was too full from eating the steak, so Mom and I shared dinner together. We had a plate of what it seemed to be grilled chicken. I know, it seems inappropriate and disrespectful to eat chicken at a place where we should be eating pork, but the waitress recommended us the chicken because it's the number one dish inside the tent. We decided to just go with it.

Not long, our food arrived. The chicken was humongous, at first I thought it was a mutant-chicken, but then the fact that animals in German are fatter and bigger so I calmed down. Mom started to cut the meat slowly and smoke came out from the fresh-out-of-the-oven poultry. The meat was well-cooked and it tasted good, the skin was crispy and salty, and whole thing was deliciously juicy. Dad, who ordered a plate of Pork, gave us some of his side dish which was a potato dumpling. Believe it or not, the potato was very very squishy and chewy! It's like a dumpling, but it's a potato. If you cut the potato, you can see how elastic the texture is as the yellow carbs slowly multiply. It tasted good, but it has a rather funny texture similar to a bread pudding. Weird, huh? 

My humongous dinner

That is one funky potato

"We Are the Champion" roamed around the entire tent. Everybody stood up on the tables, dancing around and singing-along to the song with pride. It was hectic and it made me flustered, but it was a once-in-a-life-time opportunity, so I had to suck it up and act happily drunk like everybody else. People cheered as if they were watching a game of soccer, and Arsenal is acing. You cn shout as loud as you can, "I LOVE WOMEN!" or "I PEED IN MY PANTS!", and everybody will cheered for you and clink their beer glass to yours. Inside the tent, we are all friends and family.


A glass of beer is never enough

How about if we change the chandeliers to disco balls?

Everybody dance now!

Put your-put your hands up!

Everybody felt like a G6 that night

Either he wanted to sneeze, or getting ready to go boogie wonderland

Who that be? Why, that is me feeling like P. Diddy.

Beer, anyone?

The festival ends an hour before midnight. As my parents and I walked to the Goetheplatz train station, we stumbled upon drunk people, vomiting and rambling all over the place. it was a fun scene to watch. Seriously, people, you have got to go to Munich and attend the Oktoberfest, at least once. It's a fun and awesome experience, even if you happen to lost some of your precious belongins at the site like I did, and you will not regret it. Just don't lose your passport, okay?


  1. Just as information about the potato dumplings: they are that chewy, because they are made of half and half cooked and raw potato dough. Formed to a dumpling and cooked for 15-20 minutes in very salty water.
    About the chicken you ate: The half chicken, served on the Oktoberfest is called "Wiesn-Hendl" and the main dish served during Oktoberfest. It's made quite salty in order to increase beer-consumption ;-)
    Many regards from Germany - Luis

    1. So, that's how they made those potato dumplings, I had no idea. I thought it was pure magic. And, I just realized that the chicken was rather salty and made me want to drink. Thanks a bunch for the extra information, Luis!

      Luis, ladies and gentleman, the man that made dinning inside the big tent possible! A toast from Indonesia - Kinan L. Wirastani