Thursday, October 4, 2012

Deutschland Über Alles: I'm On My Way

I was on my way to Munich, Germany, with Qatar Airways. 21J is where I was seated, next to my Mom and Dad. Luckily, adjacent to me was the aisle, I didn't have to jump over a stranger just for the sake of emptying my bladder. It was a six-hour-flight. I packed some candies and munchies incase I got hungry along the way, but then came on of Qatar Airways' steward with a meal tray. 

"Would you like to have the Pancake, or the Omelette," he asked. At first, I was ready to order myself some Pancakes, but my tongue suddenly longed for something savory, so I ended up choosing the Omelette. It turned out, it wasn't a bad decision.

My breakfast meal

I opened the aluminum-covered plastic bowl and found myself a triangle-shaped Omelette, with sausage on its' side, complete with some slices of potato and mushroom with tomatoes. Next to the plastic bowl, there was another plastic bowl, yet smaller, filled with fresh fruits. Red grape, green grape, papaya, and pineapple. Mini Croissant and a butter roll were also sighted on my meal tray, along with butter, strawberry jam, and cream cheese.

The delicious main course

The main course was very delicious and enjoyable! Even though I hate mushroom with all my guts, I managed to finish them, along with the remaining tomato sauce. The sausage though had a funny texture and flavor. It tasted good, don't get me wrong, but it gave the impression of eating a rubber sandal. Not that I have tasted a rubber sandal before. There were small chunks of meat inside the Omelette.. or diced mushroom, either way the meal was great!

Some companions for my bread

Fruits for dessert

"What would you like to drink," asked the handsome steward. "A glass of water, and some apple juice, please," I replied. He handed me two cups of drinks and I started to dig in. I was aware by the fact that there were a cup of yogurt and a cup of Orange juice as well, but since I was too full, I keep them in the paper bag for rainy days. 

The thirst-quenching Orange juice

When I was halfway there, the steward came again with his meal tray, handing some snacks and drinks for the passengers. I got myself a bag of chocolate biscuit and a cup of apple juice. "The biscuit tasted great and not that sweet," approved Dad. I munched the chocolate biscuit while having a movie marathon. Treasure Planet was on air, ladies and gentleman, my all-time favorite movie! I sat there like a good girl and watch Jim fighting against bad guys for the remaining hour before I arrived at Munich.

Snack time!

Munchy's tasty chocolate-coated biscuit

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