Thursday, October 4, 2012

Deutschland Über Alles: Visiting the Royal Family

Day three of our stay in Munich. My parents and I woke up a bit late that day because we were very very tired from party-rock-anthem at the Oktoberfest. Our schedule for the day was to go out of town and visit a castle located at a a mountain. Of course, before we head to the train station, we had breakfast. Consuming food in the morning is essential, people!

I had another make-yourself-a-bagel-wich for breakfast, but with different kind of bagel bread, with different kinds of cheese and sliced meat. A bowl of cherry yogurt that tasted like cough syrup and a bowl of cereal with fresh and cold milk. A glass of hot tea, fruit-flavored if I'm not mistaken, and a glass of cold apple juice. I have to say, my second bagel-wich tasted better than my first one. Maybe because the square bagel is decorated with freshly roasted sesame seeds, which blended well with the cheese and the meat. I couldn't help but to want another round of that bagel-wich, but I had to spare some room in my stomach for some crunchy wurst. 

My breakfast that day

That's some holy cheeses. Get it? 

Simple, yet luxurious!

The thing about train stations is that you can always find things that will entertain you. In my case, the vending machine. There are some vending machine here in Jakarta, but it usually contains bottled drinks and it costs you around Rp10.000,00 per bottle or so. If it were a Magnum Ice Cream vending machine then I'll be cool with it. But, come on, Rp10.000,00 for a bottle of mineral water that you can get for Rp2.500,00 at a convenient store? I don't think so.

In Munich, the vending machine are filled with snacks that I'm not familiar with. For example, this vending machine over here that I stumbled upon at the Munchen Hauptbahnhof. The machine was filled with numerous chocolate bars, gummy candies, crackers, biscuits, gums, wafers. How can an easily-entertained person like me resists such glorious machine?

I took a step closer to that machine and examine each packs of treat. The word "nutella" caught my attention, then I immediately took some coins from my coin purse and put it inside the big metal box. "24" I pressed the button located at the bottom of the coin entrance hole. "Zzzziiinnnggg~" said the big metal thing that was taller and wider than me. A "clank" was heard at the bottom of the machine. I stuck my hand in and grabbed the so-called sweet treat, and there it was.. a pack of Nutella & Go, ready to be devoured!

What is this, Narnia?!

I've been wanting to try this snack ever since I saw it on Tumblr

"It's gonna be a long trip to the castle," said Dad, "two hours long!" It's a cue for me to buy some snacks incase I get bored during our trip. As we approached our platform, I spotted a few food stands that caught my attention. One of them was this lovely dessert stand named Brioche Doree. What amazed me was the dessert stand's giant macaroon. Is it considered giant if it was as big and as thick as my palm?

There were only three flavors, which were chocolate, strawberry, and pistachio. Those macaroons costed 2  each. I decided to buy the Pistachio Macaroon because it's my favorite flavor when it comes to those petite meringue-like cookies.

The macaroon was very big and I knew that if I finished the whole thing in one go I would feel nauseated, so I ate it slowly. It was crunchy and soft like how macaroon would tasted like, and it tasted delicious. It was worth my 2 

Brioche Doree is the name of the petite patisserie

My, why what a beauty

My lovely Pistachio Macaroon

See, I didn't lie when I told you that it was as big as my palm!

We finally arrived at a beautiful place named Schwangau, Germany. A two-hour train-ride from Munich will get you this this majestic place, where the mountain with snow at the peak and abundant pine trees where Slender Man lives surround you. The weather was a bit chilly as well, judging from the fact that the area is usually visited by tourist for skying.

I spotted some of Loki's little ones

Can you spot a lake?

Ain't that gorgeous? 

Autumn is right around the corner

It was a very beautiful place

The lake was crystal clear

Have I mentioned that the lake was crystal clear?

It was in the afternoon when we arrived at Schwangau, so we decided to grab some lunch first before we do some hiking. There was a restaurant, a lot actually, near a castle. My parents and I had lunch at the restaurant, a plate of sausages with french fries and a glass of beer to be exact. As for me, I bought myself Nestle's Smarties Pop Up, despite the chilly weather and my freezing fingers, that tasted milky and amusing! Then I ordered myself some sausages and pomme frites and digged in. 

Smarties Pop Up!

Vanilla ice cream with smarties in it

I was very entertained by this ice cream

Mom's lunch

My lunch, same as Dad's

We visited a castle named Hohenschwangau Castle, which was a summer house and the childhood residence for the royal family of Bavaria, King Maximilian II and Queen Marie of Prussia. The castle was decorated with lots and lots of swan-related drawings, murals, and miscellaneous. 

The childhood residence of Prince Otto

"It's five o'clock," said the watch. Our train came and we left the royal residence and headed back to Munich. The three of us basically slept like a baby during our two-hour trip, passing the white and black cows and the beautiful meadow that looked like Windows' desktop background. When we arrived at the Munchen Hauptbahnhof, we made a quick pit stop at a food stand and grab some dinner. I was in the mood for pizza, so I bought myself some thin-crusted meat pizza. It was delicious and fulfilling! Other than pizza, I also bought some vending-machine goodies. I just couldn't resist.

Had dinner at Rubenbauer's Pizza corner

Those were the veggie pizza, with cheese on top

Aren't they just delicious?

My salty and floury pizza

Kinder chocolate with a toy inside

Chocolate wafer that was bigger than my palm

It was still early when the three musketeers arrived at the hostel, so I took the liberty of my time to use the free wifi available at the hostel and grabbed myself a bag of popcorn. The popcorn machine was very high-tech! We don't have anything like it here in Indonesia, or so I think. Put some coins inside, place the bag at the proper place, then your popcorn will come out. It was a fun machine to operate. Unfortunately, the popcorn tasted a bit sweet for a supposed-to-be-salty popcorn.

See how fun it is to operate such funky machine?

I was mesmerized

I finished my popcorns and called it a day

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