Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gudang Rottie's Polo Coffee

As a curious gastronomer that I am, I was very excited when I found out that Gudang Rottie has some new family members. Sloppy Joe Burger, Roti John Negeri Seberang, "LOCO" Extreme, they are the new dishes that you can find at this petite restaurant. Other than new main courses and side dishes, they also have some new bakery products, which are Polo Coffee and scones. Last Sunday, I was able to get a taste of the brown and crispy Polo Coffee.

Coffee lovers ought to fancy this particular bun. With leavened dough coated in coffee flavored butter cream, this bun has a crispy and toothsome outer layer, while the inside part is as soft as cotton. This bun is filled with coffee cream that has a balanced flavor, which is not too sweet nor too bitter, and it certainly didn't make the consumer feel nauseated or stuffed.

Polo Coffee has become one of my favorites in Gudang Rottie and I'm looking forward to the day I can get another bite of this soft and bitter-sweet bun.

Gudang Rottie's Polo Coffee

Gudang Rottie
Rukan Villa Jatibening Tol
Kav. 4A, Bekasi 17412

Phone: (021) 9737 2883

Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday: 6AM - 10PM

1 comment:

  1. it looks so mout-watering.
    i guess it's something like rotiboy, isn't it?

    thanks for sharing, kinan :D
    i'm gonna try it later.