Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gudang Rottie's Sloppy Joe Burger

I paid a visit to Gudang Rottie today, with an intention of trying out one of its' new dish. Sloppy Joe Burger is the name of the newcomer, a stack of sloppy meat and buns which originated from America. It's great that Gudang Rottie decided to put this particular burger in their menu because, in my personal opinion, Sloppy Joe Burgers are great and delicious. And of course, since its' name begins with "sloppy", I expect the burger will be messy and unappealing, but it turned out that Gudang Rottie made a less-sloppy version of this foreign burger. 

I was very excited to try the new dish. I was going to order myself Roti John Negeri Seberang, another new dish of Gudang Rottie, but it was not ready for sale because the chefs were still experimenting with the recipe. My Sloppy Joe Burger came with some french fries and a glass of iced tea, and the whole meal costed me Rp 46.000,00. How am I supposed to complain if I was served with a plate of burger, with authentic Australian beef as its' fillings and fat french fries, with a glass of thirst-quenching iced tea, for less than $5?

What I had for my early dinner

Got a glass of iced tea for free!

It has become a habit of mine to eat fast-food restaurant's burger and regular restaurant's burger in a different way, for example I would just mindlessly devour Burger King's Beefacon Burger in a snap of a finger, while I have to eat Comic Cafe's Dark Knight Cheese Burger bun by bun, meat by meat, and veggie by veggie. The same thing goes for Gudang Rottie's Sloppy Joe Burger. 

The physical appearance of Gudang Rottie's Sloppy Joe Burger was not sloppy nor muddy, it was rather neat and organized. I put the upper bun aside, because I was filled with anticipation in finding out what fillings the chef used in this American burger, and I was overwhelmed. I was welcomed by a stack of meat, the minced meat bathe in tomato sauce and the meat patty topped with melted cheese, and pickled cucumber. There was also a puddle of salmon-colored sauce at the bottom of the meat patty, but I forgot to ask the chef what kind of sauce that was. I think it was thousand island sauce. 

I started by cutting the fillings, along with the bottom bun, and started munching. It was awesome! The burger tasted better than how I expected it would be. The meat patty was well-cooked and juicy, and the melted cheese made the whole patty tasted lip-smacking. The minced meat, on the other hand, had a hint of sweet in it as it was bathe in tomato sauce before hand. I usually put the pickled veggie aside when I eat a regular restaurant's burger, but the one that Gudang Rottie had was very enjoyable I ended up devouring all of it. And, as expected from Gudang Rottie, they made their own burger buns. I love it very much because it was chewy and soft, and puffy, and not dry nor hollow at all. I ended up finishing the upper bun first. I was very satisfied and happy with the burger. 

Two-thumbs up for the newcomer of Gudang Rottie! During my next visit, I would probably order the same menu, but I'm going to add some bacons in it. I have my reasons. 

Highly recommended if you visit Gudang Rottie. You won't regret every single bite of it, not to mention it will not cost you more than $5. Can dinner be more awesome than this?

This is heaven!

Introducing, the newcomer of Gudang Rottie, the Sloppy Joe Burger

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  1. ini yang jual cake coklat juga bukan? kayaknya gw pernah coba cake nya dan enak bangettt..

    1. Iyaaa betul, ada Chocolate Cake dan kue-kue lainnya juga yang nggak kalah enaknya! :D