Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On the 30th of September

On the last day of September, my Dad got a belated birthday cake from Oom Wahyudi, one of his closest friend in Doha, Qatar. Oom Wahyudi and his family, Tante Rosi and Nabila, surprised Dad by popping out out of nowhere with a big cake from Opera Patisserie decorated with candles and singing Happy Birthday. My Dad was overwhelmed as it was already a week after his birthday and he still got a cake and being sung birthday songs.

"Tiup lilin-nya," said Nabila, teling my Dad to blow the candles. The 44 years old thanked Oom Wahyudi, Tante Rosi, and Nabila for the cake, and thanked everybody for singing along to the birthday song. He then blew the candles and unwrapped the plastic that was sticking on the sides of the cake so that he could cut it. 

"Happy Belated Birthday, Pakde Unggul"

Dad, thanking Oom Wahyudi, Tante Rosi, and Nabila for the cake

This cake is the most beautiful cake I have seen in my life so far. The sides of the cake are decorated with thin cake in a shape of tribal design, or so I think it is, which reminded me of the writings in Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire. The chocolate ganache with writings "Happy Belated Birthday, Pakde Unggul" on it literary melted. Bellow the chocolate ganache, you can find a generous amount of chocolate cream as mushy as oil paint. When you cut the cake open, you will find a luscious chocolate cake, sandwiching some chocolate cream beautifully. Can you imagine how delicious this cake tasted? If food is sin, then this cake will be the ultimate sin. 

The Chocolate Mousse cake tasted so good. It literary melted in your mouth. No, seriously! The cake is very chocolaty and very sweet, words cannot describe the epic-ness contained in this cake. It was the most epic and mot sinful chocolate cake I have ever eaten so far. And, yes, I am a fool for not wanting to have another slice of this cake.

Can we all just agree that the melting cream looks delicious?


This cake tasted so good!

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