Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What is Magic Without a Wand?

It has been three months since my first encounter with a shot of Espresso and a pitcher full of steamed milk. I constantly failed at making the basic shapes in Latte Art - the Heart, the Rosetta, and the Tulip - but I kept trying and trying just because I want to succeed at drawing with steamed milk. I only succeed at making a Heart twice.. out of God-knows-how-many Cafe Latte and Cappuccino I made. 

So, I said to myself, "Why stop at Heart and Rosetta? Why should I keep focussing in making shapes that I suck at when, maybe.. just maybe, I can make other drawings?". I was very determined and motivated. As soon as we got an order of a cup of Cafe Late or Cappuccino, I immediately took over the Espresso Machine. 

It felt like as if I was in Snape's Potion Class. Making a shot of Espresso properly, using a timer to time when to stop the flowing of the black liquid and to measure the bitterness and the acidic taste in it. Steaming the milk, concentrating on how many kissing sound I should make and when I should stop the machine by feeling the increasing of the temperature of the pitcher with my left hand. I pour the Espresso into a cup, as well as the steamed milk, getting ready to make drawings on my hot beverages. But, what is magic without a wand? In this case, the thermometer is my wand.

Sir Floss the Bitter

Baron Muffin

Momo of Fudge Nation

I ended up making my very own basic shape of Latte Art - Sir Floss the Bitter, Baron Muffin, and Momo of Fudge Nation. I was very happy with my creations! It turned out that drawing with a thermometer is more fun and more enjoyable, not to mention the only thing that you require is your imagination. So, don't be afraid to try new things! Now, go make yourself a cup of Cappuccino and draw Batman. 

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