Friday, November 30, 2012

Back to Kaca Mata

I revisited Kaca mata Restaurant, just to get a bucketful of its' sweet and delicious Pork Bun, with my Mom. We arrived at the Chinese restaurant at around 11 in the morning and quickly ordered a couple of dishes. I ordered myself a portion of Pork Bun, while Mom ordered a plate of Gohyong. We dig in happily.

Fried Pork Meat Roll

Ngoh Hiang, or Gohyong, is fried meat roll. The meat is enveloped with a super thin layer of dough, then fried in sizzling oil. Kaca Mata's pork Gohyong tasted superb! The crispy skin was very savory and fragile, and the meat wrapped inside was chewy and rich in flavor. This dish tasted beyond delicious!

Ngoh Hiang on a bed of Lettuce

As soon as the waiter served my order, I indulge on those fat buns. The Pork Bun was very hot. Steam came out from the inner part of the bun as I tore it open. You can see chunks of pork meat bathe in sweet brown sauce when you cut open the fluffy white buns.

Sweet Pork Buns

The buns tasted deliciously addicting! They were chewy and soft, and tasted a bit sweet as well. The filling was amazing, both sweet sauce and pork bits. Both buns and filling blended well with each other, making me want to order more buns after I finished my first set.

This particular bun is plain awesome

I really enjoyed Kaca Mata's Pork Buns and so should you! You can find the address of the Chinese restaurant bellow, along with the phone number. Kaca Mata Restaurant does Delivery Service, and it's open for 24 hours. Yes, 24 hours!

Kaca Mata Restaurant
Grand Wijaya Centre
Jalan Wijaya II, Blok C No. 4
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta

Phone: (021) 723 5228

Ube Mochi

Yam, or Sweet Potato, is often used as a natural food-coloring. Its' shades of purple gives an interesting spectrum of color in dessert, such as cakes, ice cream, and bread. In this case, mochi, or rice cake. 

Ube Mochi is the name of the imported snack. My friend, who goes by the name Gita, got her attention caught by this box with drawings of purple round object on it when we were shopping at Ranch 99 Market. As she leaned closer to the snack counter, she then found out that it was a box of Ube Mochi, or Purple Yam Rice Cake. Each box costs Rp21.700,00, so she decided to buy one.

Ube Mochi

We immediately open the box when we reached home. The two of us were welcomed by a series of purple mochi in red paper cups. Each box consists of 8 pieces of mochi and all of them were purple in color. The surface of the mochi as smothered in flour, so that they will not stick on the paper cups.

8 pieces per pack

I took a piece and start indulging on the chewy and sticky rice cake. The rice cake itself was sweet, but not too sweet. Inside the mochi, there was a purple yam paste filling. The filling was not too sweet as well and it tasted like how sweet potatoes are supposed to tasted like. The snack was very light and enjoyable, best to be indulged along with your friends after class.

The funky colored mochi

Purple Yam paste as its' filling

Eaton's Moon Cake

I thought I would like Moon Cake, but I stand corrected. Made out of a pie-crust-like pastry and filled with black bean paste, Moon Cake has a unique flavor. The cake's pastry was soft and chewy, similar to pie, and it was a bit savory. The black bean paste, on the other hand, was very difficult to enjoy. The paste was very tangy, and it has a strange and somewhat acidic flavor. I did not like it. Maybe I'm more of a red-bean-paste  kind of person, that's why I can't indulge on Black-bean-paste Moon Cake. 

Eaton's Moon Cake, Rp8.000,00 per piece

Cilandak Town Square, Lt. 2
Jalan T.B.  Simatupang, Kav. 17
Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Good Roast Mocha

Good Roast Mocha is the name of Gudang Rottie's signature beverage. Combine a shot of Espresso with a glass of steamed Hot Chocolate, then voila! you have yourself a glass of Cafe Mocha. As a person who fancies coffee, I really enjoyed this drink. It tasted milky, chocolaty, and delicious, and it gives an extra point if it happens to be raining outside.

Gudang Rottie's Good Roast Mocha

I was really pleased with the presentation. The drink came in two glasses, one was a cup filled with a combination of Espresso and Chocolate Syrup, and the other was a tall glass full of steamed Hot Chocolate with sprinkles of Cocoa powder on top. The sight of the Hot Chocolate was very amusing. It looked bubbly and milky, and warm as well, it made me want to add some marshmallow in it and put myself in seventh heaven.
Bubbly Hot Chocolate

Sprinkles of Cocoa Powder on top

A shot of Espresso and a shot of Chocolate Syrup

I didn't know how to drink the hot beverage, so I asked my friend who happen to be the barista, Kak Rizky. "You have to mix them," he said. "Should I pour all of the hot chocolate," I replied, "or should I pour it bit by bit?". Kak Rizky let me decide on which I should do because it depends on the liking of the drinker. So, I decided to pour them all in. 

As I pour the bubbly hot chocolate into the Espresso, I notice that the hot choco had the perfect texture and density for me to make a latte art. But, the hot choco and the Espresso share the same color, which means the latte art will not be visible even if we succeed at making a Rosetta or a Tulip.

Mix them all together

I have tried Hazelnut Latte and Cafe Caramel before, and I came to like Good Roast Mocha better. When I took a sip, it left a bitter flavor on my tongue, instead of a hint of acid. It means that the Espresso that they used to make this toothsome drink was roasted for at least 26 seconds, which is good. I could taste some coffee bean bits a couple of times. The flavor was well-balanced, it was not too bitter, nor too sweet. 

Good Roast Mocha is a very enjoyable drink. And, if you happen to be one of those people who fancy chocolate, then I recommend you to pay a visit to Gudang Rottie and order this hot beverage.

A nice glass of Good Roast Mocha

Gudang Rottie
Rukan Villa Jatibening Tol
Kav. 4A, Bekasi 17412

Phone: (021) 9737 2883

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday: 6AM - 10PM

Birthday Surprises

Dear readers,

I am proud to announce that I am now 18 years of age! 

November 23rd was the day I turned 18. I woke up to a sight of my Mom making Tumpeng in the kitchen. Tumpeng is a cone-shaped rice, with various dishes surrounding the mountain of rice, which is usually consumed by Indonesian during a special event. In this case, my birthday. Indonesian believe that the cone-shaped rice represent the mountains in the land of Java, which is the house of the Gods, and the side dishes surrounding the rice are the things given by the Gods that we harvested. The peak of the Tumpeng is usually cut and gave to the most important person. He, or she, could be the one you love most, the eldest, or simply the birthday girl.

Mom didn't expect me to wake up early (it was half passed ten in the morning. I usually wake up after midday), so she was a bit startled when I asked her about what we were going to have for lunch, on my way to the bathroom. I believe Mom was hoping to finish the Tumpeng before I woke up. But, since I was aready awake, I ended up helping her preparing the dish.

Yellow rice is usually used in the making of Tumpeng. But, since we didn't have any yellow rice, we used red rice instead. This dish is very simple to make, as it consists of cone-shaped rice and various side dishes. Mom started with peeling the tomato and make a rose out of it. 

Rose Tomato, Step #1:
- Posses a kick-ass skill in using knife

Step #2: 
- Peel the tomato in a swirly pattern. If you haven't an idea, you may open YouTube and type "How to Make Tomato Rose".

Slowly peel the tomato


Step #3:
- Twirl the Tomato skin round and round, and voila! you just made yourself a Tomato Rose.

Twirl the Tomato..

..and there you have it, a Tomato Rose!

Step #4:
- If you don't have any idea on what to do with the skinless Tomato, you can cut them to pieces and start munching.

Tomato for breakfast

Other than Rose Tomato, my Mom also made a flower with a green tomato. Green tomato are usually used to make chilly paste (sambal), I don't think they taste as sweet as red tomatoes. 

Green Tomato Flower, Step #1:
- Master a more kick-ass skill in using knife.

Step #2:
- Make an X on the skin of the Green Tomato.

Make an X on the green tomato

Step #3:
- Slowly peel the skin. Make sure the inner part of the Green Tomato is detached from the skin.

Peel the skin a bit

Step #4: 
- Pull the skin apart from the inner part a little bit, and there you have it!

A plate of foodstuff for garnishing

One of the side dishes that Mom made to decorate the Tumpeng with was Tempe Orek. Tempe is a chunk of fermented soybean, and in Tempe Orek, it is cut into small pieces and fried with some nuts. Soy sauce and chilly are used in the process of making this dish. Fry the Tempe and the nuts together and you will end up with a bowl of crispy and flavorful dish.

Tempe Orek 

The next dish was Sambal Goreng Kentang. You only need potato, spices, and frying pan to make this dish. First, you diced the potato. Second, fry the potato with the spices. Last, but not least, dig in! 

I love Mom's Sambal Goreng Kentang because it tasted delicious! True, it's a bit spicy for my taste, but I like it. Especially when Mom add some meatballs to the dish, yum!

Sambel Goreng Kentang

Vegetables were also used to decorate the Tumpeng. Mom used four kinds of vegetable, which were bean sprouts, long beans, water spinach, and spinach. They were quickly boiled and mixed with a rubbing named Urab. Urab here is made out of coconut and spices. It tasted savory and a bit salty.

Mixed boiled veggies

Bean Sprouts 

Long Beans

Water Spinach (Kangkung)


Put some urab on the mixed veggies.. 

..and mix them all together

Then, Mom took out some flour and corn, and made a batter to make a corn fritter. Indonesian are more familiar with the name Bakwan Jagung, which is Corn Fritter in English. It's basically deep-fried batter with corns in it. You have got to try my Mom's Corn Fritter. They are beyond delicious you ought to want more after you finish a piece.

Corn Fritter (Bakwan Jagung)

Sliced omelette is another side dish that you can found in a Tumpeng. We didn't use many eggs to make the omelette, one is enough. You simply crack an egg open and add some salt into the gigantic cell, and stir it until it's bubbly. Then, you fry the egg mixture with a non-stick frying pan, with low fire. After the egg is nicely fried, roll it and slice it. The next thing you know, the Tumpeng is garnished with eatable confetti. 

Make an omelette with one egg

Roll the omelette and slice it

After the side dishes were prepared, Mom proceed in shaping the red rice. Since we don't have a cone shaper, Mom cunningly used whatever tools that we got to shape the rice. She used a bowl to make the base and a funnel to make the peak. In the end, the Tumpeng didn't share the same shape with a cone, but you would get the idea. 

The base of the Tumpeng

Shaping the peak of the Tumpeng

Red Rice Tumpeng

After the rice was shaped and the side dishes were prepared, it was time to decorate the Tumpeng!

Chiko was curious to see what Mom was doing

Mom, decorating the Tumpeng

Mom made those Tomato Roses

Of course, fried chicken is essential in Tumpeng!

It was midday when Mom finished her creation. What used to be an empty white plate had become a luxurious dish that can feed three people. There was this mountain of red rice, surrounded by colorful side dishes. There were Tomato Roses and Tomato Flower, there were also fried chicken, spicy potato, and greens. The Tumpeng that Mom made was awesome! 

Then, we proceed to destroy the beautiful masterpiece and dig in. I had a spoonful of rice with a little bit of everything. I love every single thing that was on my plate, especially the Bakwan Jagung and the Sambal Goreng Kentang.

And there you have it, a plate of luxurious Tumpeng

Lunch is served!

My Dad couldn't go home on my birthday because he had a simulator test, so he wished me a birthday greeting via Whatsapp and gave me a virtual birthday present on his Tumblr. Thank you, Dad!

After lunch, I got a text message from my colleague at work, saying that I have to drop by at Gudang Rottie, so I did. I arrived at the restaurant and I was overwhelmed. I was welcomed with a plate of red Velvet Cupcake, with a pair of lit-up candles on top. They shook my hand and gave me birthday greetings, and we took picture together. The place was a full-house that afternoon, so we quickly celebrate my birthday and got back to work. 

I stayed for a while at Gudang Rottie and headed back home. I brought the Red Velvet Cupcake that my colleague gave to me and share it with my Mom. It was nice and sweet, and a little bit salty on the edges of the cake too. The cupcake was delicious!

Birthday surprise from my colleague in Gudang Rottie

At night, I was surprised by my best friends, Icha, Dila, Sally and Angel. The came to my house with cakes and presents. The fantastic four sang "Happy Birthday" as they walked into the house, while I was giggling to F.R.I.E.N.D.S. that was aired on Fox Channel. I was overjoyed, I squealed the entire time. It was the most awesome birthday surprise I had!

Quick intro!

There were two cakes, one was from Icha and Dila, and the other one was from Angel and Sally. Angel and Sally's cake was decorated with lit-up 1 and 8 candles, and the cake had "Happy Birthday Kinan" written on it. The cake was glazed with white cream and decorated with green icing sugar and chocolate block. 

Icha and Dila's cake was bathe in chocolate ganache, and decorated with strawberries and chocolates. "NABUNAGA TWINS" was written on the cake, which I supposed would be "NOBUNAGA TWINS" if the one who wrote on the cake didn't accidently switched the vowel. Dila, Icha, and I are fans of Takehiko Inoue's Slam Dunk. The two of them made Slam Dunk fan-fictions, in which I was the twin sister of a character named Kiyota Nobunaga, hence explained the writings on their cake. 

I blew the candle and the five of us cheered happily.


Birthday Cake from Sally and Angel

Birthday Cake from Dila and Icha

We had the Tumpeng that my Mom made for dinner and the cakes that my friends brought. The five of us chatted at the dinning room while munching on fried chicken and chocolate cake, and simply had a great time. 

Dila gave me a homemade popped-up birthday card, with drawings of me, Kiyota Nobunaga, and Hanagata Toru playing basketball in it. The birthday card is plain genius because I could actually move the basketball around! "We don't have a birthday present for you because we haven't buy one," said Icha, "but, hey, we got you some cake!".

Sally and Angel got me a box filled with knickknacks. "It is called the Box of Metamorphosis, because you will find things inside the box that will transform you," said Angel. I opened the box and I was welcomed with beauty products, accessories, and a beautiful dress. I was in cloud nine when I receive such present! They told me to dress up and be a girl, so I did. The next thing I know, we were in the living room taking endless frames of pictures.

Me and my best buddies!

In summary, my 18th birthday was awesome! I got to spend it with my family and my friends. I ate lots of delicious food and cake. I had a great time keeping in touch with my friends. I was showered with surprises. I got loads of birthday greetings and presents. It was awesome!

Thank you, everybody, my 18th birthday would be dull without you guys in it!

Kinan L. Wirastani