Friday, November 30, 2012

Back to Kaca Mata

I revisited Kaca mata Restaurant, just to get a bucketful of its' sweet and delicious Pork Bun, with my Mom. We arrived at the Chinese restaurant at around 11 in the morning and quickly ordered a couple of dishes. I ordered myself a portion of Pork Bun, while Mom ordered a plate of Gohyong. We dig in happily.

Fried Pork Meat Roll

Ngoh Hiang, or Gohyong, is fried meat roll. The meat is enveloped with a super thin layer of dough, then fried in sizzling oil. Kaca Mata's pork Gohyong tasted superb! The crispy skin was very savory and fragile, and the meat wrapped inside was chewy and rich in flavor. This dish tasted beyond delicious!

Ngoh Hiang on a bed of Lettuce

As soon as the waiter served my order, I indulge on those fat buns. The Pork Bun was very hot. Steam came out from the inner part of the bun as I tore it open. You can see chunks of pork meat bathe in sweet brown sauce when you cut open the fluffy white buns.

Sweet Pork Buns

The buns tasted deliciously addicting! They were chewy and soft, and tasted a bit sweet as well. The filling was amazing, both sweet sauce and pork bits. Both buns and filling blended well with each other, making me want to order more buns after I finished my first set.

This particular bun is plain awesome

I really enjoyed Kaca Mata's Pork Buns and so should you! You can find the address of the Chinese restaurant bellow, along with the phone number. Kaca Mata Restaurant does Delivery Service, and it's open for 24 hours. Yes, 24 hours!

Kaca Mata Restaurant
Grand Wijaya Centre
Jalan Wijaya II, Blok C No. 4
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta

Phone: (021) 723 5228


  1. wah, it's my fave resto for pork dishes, especially nasi campur.
    i'll try the pork bun soon, looks tempting!

    1. Yes, you should, they were very delicious and simply addicting for a sweet-tooth!