Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bakso Wonogiri

I regularly visit Bakso Wonogiri during my lunch break whenever I don't bring lunch to work. In my opinion, Bakso Wonogiri serve some delicious meatballs that tasted like how meatballs are supposed to taste like. They are not too soft, nor too stiff, and they are savory. Other than the usual meatballs, you can also find other kinds of meatballs at Bakso Wonogiri, such as Bakso Telor (meatballs with hard-boiled egg in it) and Bakso Urat (Tendon Meatballs).

One time, when it was raining really hard in the middle of the day, me and my friend, whom I refer to as Mas Amin, had lunch at Bakso Wonogiri. He had a bowl of Mie Ayam (Chicken Noodles) with a big Bakso Telur, which looked like an ostrich egg that was about to hatch. The dish came with a spoonful of sweet chicken cubes and greens. The whole meal costed Rp12.000,00.

A bowl of Mie Ayam Bakso Telor

I had a bowl of Bakso Komplit, which consisted of: bakso, noodles, and rice noodle (bihun), that costed me Rp8.000,00. I'm not a big fan of Tendon Meatballs, or Bakso Urat, so I picked the soft bakso. The warm and savory broth is very delicious, it went well with the Bakso and noodles. It's unfortunate that the Bakso seller ran out of fresh greens, so I didn't have any. All in all, I enjoyed my meal at Bakso Wonogiri. I highly recommend you to visit the meatball house when it rains, because it will give you this warm and cozy atmosphere.

My portion of Bakso Komplit

Bakso Wonogiri
Adjacent to Jatibening Permai
Across Perumahan Villa Jatibening Tol
Jalan Caman Raya, Jatibening

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