Sunday, November 18, 2012

Brains for Lunch

I had brains for lunch today.

Two pieces of brains bathe in savory and spicy broth

Yes, I didn't lie when I told you that I had brains for lunch. It's common in Indonesia to eat brains, or lungs, or chicken feet, or liver and hearts. What it seems to be bizarre to you is actually being consumed daily by us. In Indonesia, brains are not as bizarre as you think they are. In my case, whenever I want to eat brains, I can always walk to a Padang Restaurant around the neighborhood and buy some. 

So, today, my Mom and I paid a visit to this Padang Restaurant named Saribungo to buy some dishes for lunch and dinner. We bought fried chicken, fried chicken in green chilly mixture, fried lungs, cooked brains, and some cassava crackers. I have tried brains before, but I forgot what it tasted like, so I decided to refresh my memory by buying some. 

The brains that they sell in a Padang Restaurant are cow brains, usually boiled and bathe in savory and spicy broth. The broth is creamy and a bit thick, and it is rich in flavor. Brain itself has a unique texture. It has the creaminess of tofu and the chewiness of liver. The physical appearance is not pretty, as it looks like a crumpled wet paper that has lumps at random places. It is yellowish white in color, but it also has some parts that has fifty shades of grey. As I took a bite of the brain, I couldn't help but to feel like Sylar. To be honest, I don't think brain will be a favorite of mine for the time being. It didn't taste that bad though, it was pretty good actually, but it was not to my liking. 

One of the worker in Saribungo, scooping some broth onto a plate

A spoonful of brain

Lungs, on the other hand, is my favorite Padang Restaurant's dish! It is light and crispy, yet it is also chewy. The physical appearance of lungs is not pretty as well, for it share similar appearance with rocks. It taste a bit salty and savory, and it's also airy on the inside. 

The physical appearance of a fried lung

This two dishes that I mentioned in this post is available in most Restoran Padang that you can find in Indonesia. Sure, they might taste a bit bizarre and somewhat funky, but Andrew Zimmern once said "If it looks good, eat it!".

Rumah Makan Padang Saribungo
Jalan Caman Raya, No. 9
Jatibening, Bekasi 17412

Phone: (021) 8690 3856 / (021) 8690 3857

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday: 8AM - 10PM

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