Monday, November 12, 2012

Egg in a Basket

Earlier this day, I mentioned how I had full control of the house because my parents were out. I succeed at making my first Pancake Art, but I felt the need to give extra affection to my frying pan. So, I browsed YouTube for some fun and quick recipe and found one named "Egg in a Basket", and gave it a try. It's pretty simple dish to make, too simple in fact. I gave my first attempt at making the One-eyed Monster, added a little twist of Milky Way, and Voila! breakfast at the evening. 

Egg in a Basket

- Bread loaf (I used Tiger Bread)
- Eggs
- Butter
- Bacon
- Salt & Pepper

How to Make:
- First, grab yourself a loaf of bread and make a hole on it. You don't have to use fancy cookie cutter, a mug or a cup will work just fine. 

- In the original recipe of Egg in a Basket, we only require an egg and bread, but I had some left over bacons so I slice them up into small bits. 

- The next step is to melt the butter in the non-stick frying pan. You don't have to spread the butter on the bread. But if you would like to, then go ahead. 

- As the frying pan gets hotter, put the bread loaf on the pan and fry it until it's golden brown. Don't set the fire too big, or the bread will burnt. 

- This is the fun part! Crack an egg and pour it at the center of the bread. Then, we can add other ingredients as we like. In my case, I used a pinch of salt, a dash of pepper, and some bacon bits. Let the bottom side nicely cooked, then flip the loaf carefully to cook the other side. After you're happy with your Egg in a Basket, take it out of the frying pan and dig in!

Egg in a Basket is a cooler version of French Toast, where we make a hole on the bread and cook the egg on the center, instead of bathing the bread inside egg mixture. It tasted great, savory and salty, and slightly peppery. It's not a complicated dish to make and I recommend this recipe to college students who live in boarding houses. Bon appetite~


  1. woah, such a great recipe.
    hope it works for me, hehe
    thanks for sharing kinan,
    keep on making great dishes :D

    1. You're welcome, and thank you for the great feedback. I hope your Egg in a Basket will turn out awesome and delicious. And, yes, I shall cook more in the future! :D

  2. wahh, gampang nih.. nyontek yah hihi..