Sunday, November 25, 2012

Good Roast Mocha

Good Roast Mocha is the name of Gudang Rottie's signature beverage. Combine a shot of Espresso with a glass of steamed Hot Chocolate, then voila! you have yourself a glass of Cafe Mocha. As a person who fancies coffee, I really enjoyed this drink. It tasted milky, chocolaty, and delicious, and it gives an extra point if it happens to be raining outside.

Gudang Rottie's Good Roast Mocha

I was really pleased with the presentation. The drink came in two glasses, one was a cup filled with a combination of Espresso and Chocolate Syrup, and the other was a tall glass full of steamed Hot Chocolate with sprinkles of Cocoa powder on top. The sight of the Hot Chocolate was very amusing. It looked bubbly and milky, and warm as well, it made me want to add some marshmallow in it and put myself in seventh heaven.
Bubbly Hot Chocolate

Sprinkles of Cocoa Powder on top

A shot of Espresso and a shot of Chocolate Syrup

I didn't know how to drink the hot beverage, so I asked my friend who happen to be the barista, Kak Rizky. "You have to mix them," he said. "Should I pour all of the hot chocolate," I replied, "or should I pour it bit by bit?". Kak Rizky let me decide on which I should do because it depends on the liking of the drinker. So, I decided to pour them all in. 

As I pour the bubbly hot chocolate into the Espresso, I notice that the hot choco had the perfect texture and density for me to make a latte art. But, the hot choco and the Espresso share the same color, which means the latte art will not be visible even if we succeed at making a Rosetta or a Tulip.

Mix them all together

I have tried Hazelnut Latte and Cafe Caramel before, and I came to like Good Roast Mocha better. When I took a sip, it left a bitter flavor on my tongue, instead of a hint of acid. It means that the Espresso that they used to make this toothsome drink was roasted for at least 26 seconds, which is good. I could taste some coffee bean bits a couple of times. The flavor was well-balanced, it was not too bitter, nor too sweet. 

Good Roast Mocha is a very enjoyable drink. And, if you happen to be one of those people who fancy chocolate, then I recommend you to pay a visit to Gudang Rottie and order this hot beverage.

A nice glass of Good Roast Mocha

Gudang Rottie
Rukan Villa Jatibening Tol
Kav. 4A, Bekasi 17412

Phone: (021) 9737 2883

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday: 6AM - 10PM

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