Monday, November 12, 2012

Lattice Pancake

This morning, I woke up to a pork platter and a bowl of red rice. Mom and Dad were out to meet some friends, so I had full control of the house. Unlike other people who throw a party when their parents are out, I usually get busy with the piano or with the frying pan. Today, it was the frying pan's turn to get some affection.

I've been working on my latte art skill this few days, and I realized that we have to make the espresso and the steamed milk at its' proper thickness and density. Then, an idea struck me, "If we can draw on coffee, why can't we draw on pancakes?". I had some leftover instant pancake batter at the food cabinet and decided to make a good use of it. 

Lattice Pancake

- Instant Pancake Batter
- Eggs
- Water
- Chocolate Blocks
- Butter/Margarine
- Toothpick

How to Make:
-Cut the chocolate block randomly. The smaller the better as it melts faster. 

- Add a spoonful of butter, or margarine, into the cut chocolate and melt them.

- When the chocolate and the margarine are perfectly melted, mix them all together. This chocolate syrup will then be used to draw on the pancake batter. 

- After you're finish with your chocolate syrup, pour some instant pancake batter into a bowl. Add an egg and a wee bit of water into the compound, and start mixing. You don't want the pancake batter to be too liquid-like, so you must not add too much water. 

- When you are done with the pancake batter, it's time to do the fun part. Heat your non-stick frying pan before you pour the batter in. Make sure the fire is not too big because you don't want your pancake to cooked before you can draw on it. 

- Pour the pancake batter onto the frying pan, followed by the chocolate syrup. It's up to you what you want to draw on the pancake because it's your masterpiece after all! In my case, I made five series of lines on the pancake and drag them up with a toothpick. It's a design that I usually make on coffee, its' name is Lattice Latte Art, and I think it's a pretty simple yet pretty design. 

- After you're finished with your drawing, let the pancake cooked perfectly.

- When the pancake is well done, served it on a plate and decorate it accordingly. Since I have some left over chocolate syrup, I pour all of it on top of my pancake. Voila! Bon appetit~

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