Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pigged Out

It is said that "Pork eaters are better lovers". I must be one epic lover. 

1 Ounce of Roasted Pork

My best buddies, Sally and Angel, and I had been planning on having lunch at a restaurant named Kaca Mata. For those who are not familiar with what Kaca Mata is, it is a Chinese restaurant where you can find crispy pork and a thousand year egg. It is located at Grand Wijaya Center, at Kebayoran Baru, to be exact. My Mom and I paid a visit to Kaca Mata Restaurant once and we had what its' called Casio Goreng Madu, or a fried crispy pork that was bathe in honey beforehand. I told Sally and Angel about the delightful manna from heaven, and they showed an eagerness to visit Kaca Mata as well. Today, we finally made it to the Chinese restaurant and had lunch together.

We ordered a lot of food - an ounce of Roasted Pork, an ounce of Casio Goreng Madu, a bowl of Pork Buns, a couple glasses of Soy Bean Milk, and a glass of Kietna - and we shared the dishes together. I have no complain about how the pork tasted like because they were all good. The Roasted Pork are very savory and enjoyable, not to mention very juicy and tender. The Casio Goreng Madu, on the other hand, was beyond crispy and palatable! It was very sweet, from the honey, and I enjoyed every bite of it.

A plate of golden brown Roasted Pork

Casio Goreng Madu

A bowl of broth with Chinese Lettuce

I didn't like Soy Bean Milk when I was a kid because I think it tasted weird and gross. But, for some reason, I began to fancy that drink and ordered it most of the time when I see the word "Susu Kacang" on the menu. Kaca Mata's Soy Bean Milk was very refreshing and not nauseating, which is a good thing. That way, I could enjoy meat and milk at the same time, without having the feeling to pour them out. 

Angel had a glass of Kietna. I had no idea what Kietna was! I searched on the web for 'Kietna' and I found out that it is a type of orange that Chinese people fancy. "Here, try some," offered Angel. I took a spoonful of the orange drink and savor it with my fully operational taste bud. The drink share the same sour taste with Tamarine, yet it has this sweetness and juiciness of an Orange. I puckered my face as a respond of how weird the drink tasted like. It didn't taste that bad, in fact it tasted very unique and amusing, but I prefer my Soy Bean Milk.

Left: Soy Bean Milk, Right: Kietna

We also had a bowl of Pork Buns. There were three small buns inside the bowl and each one of us got one. This food right here is my second favorite dish in Kaca Mata that I ate today. The buns were small, it fitted the size of my palm, and they were very soft and slightly sweet. When you cut open the buns, you will find a blob of red goo with cut meat inside. The red goo was the sweet sauce that bathe the cut meat, in this case, pork. The whole dish was very delicious and mouthwatering!

Pork Buns

The sweet pork meat inside the buns

Angel was not too happy with Kaca Mata's Roasted Pork because they were not crispy enough. "How about we go to Kenanga after we finished our lunch? It's a Chinese restaurant that sells pork as well, and it's not very far from here," I recommended. Sally and Angel agreed and we continued licking our plates clean before we move on to the next destination.

Nasi Campur Kenanga was where we headed next. It is located in Grand Wijaya Center as well, only a couple blocks away from Kaca Mata Restaurant. Now, this right here is my favorite restaurant. My parents and I often visit Nasi Campur Kenanga after we finished our mass to feast of crispy Roasted Pork and Sweet Pork. 

The place was filled with people when we arrived, which lead us to dine in at the second floor of the restaurant. We ordered an ounce of Roasted Pork, two pieces of Siomay, and a stick of Pork meat. We didn't eat a lot at Kenanga because we just ate at Kaca Mata. Angel was very happy with the Roasted Pork because they were very very crispy. The skin was very crispy and savory, it even let out a sound that gives people the idea of you eating Cheetos. I continuously munch on those golden brown pork, but for some reason, I ended up being feed by both Sally and Angel. They stuck a fork inside the pork, and the Siomay as well, and shove it into my mouth. I didn't mind at all!

Kenanga's Roasted Pork

Two pieces of Siomay and a stick of Pork meat

We were stuffed with pork and we were very happy. It was two in the afternoon and we didn't want to head home yet. I suggested that the three of us find a place where we can leisure while eating a bowl of ice cream or cake. Soully Butter Kitchen and Hampton's came up in the conversation, but then the image of creamy cake and milky ice cream popped out of no where, which made us didn't feel like having dessert. So, we agreed to head to Sally's place and enjoy the afternoon.

But then, I remembered that there is this awesome bagel shop near Sally's house named Bagel Bagel. I was craving for some bagels this past few days and, knowing that I got the chance to visit a bagel shop, I said to my buddies that I wanted to make a quick pit stop. So, we did, and I bought my self a bagel-wich! With an Everything Bagel, as in Bagel with sesame seeds and poppy seeds as toppings, and bananas, caramel, and cream cheese as the fillings, I completed my weekly needs of bagels.

Banana Caramel Bagel from Bagel Bagel

The bagel was hard on the outside and soft on the inside. My bagel-wich was very sweet from the ripe bananas and the caramel, yet savory and creamy from the cream cheese. Sally had the same bagel-wich, but she didn't use any caramel on it. It was very kind of Sally to treat me a bottle of Iced Thai Coffe and two pieces of plain bagels. I shook her hand and place it on my forehead like how Indonesian students pay respect to their teachers to say my gratitude. Angel got her treat as well, which was a Chocolate Chips bagel with cream cheese and blueberry as its' fillings. 

After we got ourselves some bagels, we headed to Sally's place and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon munching on bagels and watching the new season of New Girl. It was very delightful to eat bagels with your friends, I recommend you to do the same thing!

Had an Everything Bagel, which consisted of sesame seeds and poppy seeds

Iced Thai Coffee

Kaca Mata Restaurant
Grand Wijaya Centre
Jalan Wijaya II, Blok C No. 4
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta

Phone: (021) 723 5228

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday: 24 Hours

Nasi Campur Kenanga
Grand Wijaya Centre
Jalan Wijaya II, Blok F No. 19
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta

Phone: (021) 385 2293

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday: 10 AM - 7 PM

Bagel Bagel
Jalan Benda Raya 14D, Kemang 12560

Phone: (021) 781 8769

Opening Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 6 AM - 8 PM
Friday - Sunday: 6 AM - 9 PM

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