Friday, November 30, 2012

Ube Mochi

Yam, or Sweet Potato, is often used as a natural food-coloring. Its' shades of purple gives an interesting spectrum of color in dessert, such as cakes, ice cream, and bread. In this case, mochi, or rice cake. 

Ube Mochi is the name of the imported snack. My friend, who goes by the name Gita, got her attention caught by this box with drawings of purple round object on it when we were shopping at Ranch 99 Market. As she leaned closer to the snack counter, she then found out that it was a box of Ube Mochi, or Purple Yam Rice Cake. Each box costs Rp21.700,00, so she decided to buy one.

Ube Mochi

We immediately open the box when we reached home. The two of us were welcomed by a series of purple mochi in red paper cups. Each box consists of 8 pieces of mochi and all of them were purple in color. The surface of the mochi as smothered in flour, so that they will not stick on the paper cups.

8 pieces per pack

I took a piece and start indulging on the chewy and sticky rice cake. The rice cake itself was sweet, but not too sweet. Inside the mochi, there was a purple yam paste filling. The filling was not too sweet as well and it tasted like how sweet potatoes are supposed to tasted like. The snack was very light and enjoyable, best to be indulged along with your friends after class.

The funky colored mochi

Purple Yam paste as its' filling

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