Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Koi Restaurant & Gallery

Last night, my parents and I had dinner at this restaurant in Kemang named Koi Restaurant & Gallery. We had dinner with my Dad's friends, along with their family. The food there was great, both in presentation and taste! I heard the waitress mentioned something about the owner of the restaurant is French and the chef is Belgian. "No wonder," I said to myself. With delicious European food, comes a spine-chilling price. The price of the food varies from Rp60.000,00 to Rp150.000,00.

For starter, I had me some Grilled Brie and Smoked Beef Salad. It was Tante Poppy's appetizer, but she decided to share it with us. The lettuce was crisp and juicy, while the smoked beef and the grilled brie melted together into an epic foodart. This salad was nice, but it would be nicer if it were sandwiched between a pair of freshly toasted Seven Grain Bread.

Grilled Brie and Smoked Beef Salad

I ordered myself a glass of Strawberry Banana Smoothie, instead of the usual fat-burning low-calories Lemon Mint. Why? This is because I came to the restaurant to eat, not to jog a mile on a Treadmill. 

The Strawberry Banana Smoothie was not as milky and heavy as I thought it would be, which is a bit of a letdown. Smoothies should be heavy, thick, milky, fattening, and nauseating, but Koi's smoothie was rather icy and watery. I'm guessing that they used one ripe banana, five strawberries, two shots of fresh milk, and a bucketful of ice. Even though my cold beverage was not as milky as I hoped it would be, it was still refreshing. The strawberry dominate the flavor, while the crushed ice dominate the texture of the drink.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

I have been having the urge to have cheese sandwich these past few days and the closest thing to cheese sandwich in the restaurant's menu was a Classic Burger. It comes with your selection of cheese, such as gruyere, emmenthal, cheddar, or blue cheese, with an extra Rp5.000,00 to the price tag. I settled down for the famous Switzerland-originated cheese, the emmenthal. Emmenthal, ladies and gentleman, is the famous cheese in the cartoon series Tom & Jerry that has holes on it. 

My Classic Burger came with some french fries and crisp greens. The burger bun was chewy and brick-like on the outside. Its' outer part reminds me of the famously stiff French bread. The amount of the melted emmenthal in my Classic Burger was surprisingly ungenerous. A thick and nicely grilled beef patty was sandwiched neatly between the stiff buns. But there were also some greens and a couple slices of tomato, which I had to put aside, because what's the point of putting veggies in a burger? 

The meat patty was juicy, although not that well-done, because I noticed the inner pink color as I took a bite. The juicy meat blended well with the stiff buns, giving me the idea that my Classic Burger tasted better than Burger King's burger. I enjoyed every bite of it!

Classic Burger with Emmenthal Cheese

Homemade Belgian Fries

The word "Red Fruit Pavlova" caught my attention. I have never tried a Pavlova before, I merely see the dessert on Tv, so I decided to give it a try. 

Having Pavlova for dessert was the best idea I had for the day! A few minutes after I placed my order, a waitress came to our table and serve me the breathtaking dessert. It was big, nicely decorated, beyon tempting, and simply irresistible. The crunchy meringue was topped with a generous amount of whipped cream, Vanilla Ice Cream and Strawberry Sorbet, sliced strawberries, and strawberry sauce. 

I took a spoon and scoop the meringue, along with the decorations. I thought Pavlova would share the same texture with Macaroons, but I stand corrected. They might look alike, but Macaroons are softer and chewier, while Pavlova is crunchy and stiff. The meringue was crunchy and super sweet, but the Vanilla ice cream helped neutralizing the flavor. The dessert was beyond sweet, I adore it!

Red Fruit Pavlova

Can you resist such dessert?

Mom had a plate of Grilled Veal Tongue, which I ended up almost finishing, because she had a few drinks that made her felt full. Those soft and chewy tongue was delicious! It came with a generous amount of crisp greens and roasted potatoes with bacon bits. The sauce underneath the tongues was savory and sweet, and had a hint of curry as well.

The sight of Mom's dinner

Grilled Veal Tongue

Those were what I had for dinner at Koi Restaurant & Gallery. There were almost a dozen of us and there were other dishes that was ordered as well, such as Lasagna and Fried Calamary. All of them were delicious, we finished everything and stayed at the restaurant for hours merely to chat and catch up on things.

Fried Calamari

Beef Lasagna

Fish & Chips

Cheese Quesadilla 

Seafood Fried Rice

Dory Fish Meurniere

Grilled Beef Tenderloin

Three Kinds Melted Chocolate Cake

To have dinner at Koi Restaurant & Gallery is a must try, especially when you're dinning with your friends and family. True, the food here are a high-priced, but I see nothing wrong in enjoying yourselves once in a while!

Koi Restaurant & Gallery
Jalan Kemang Raya 72, Kemang

Phone: (021) 719 5667

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