Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shadad Al Jazera Sweets and Pastries

There's this petite bakery, a few blocks away from my house, at Doha. It's name is Shadad Al Jazera and I have been buying a particular Cheese Buns there whenever I get the chance. Just your regular Cheese Buns, round in shape and tearable, each mini buns fits your palm perfectly. They are golden in color, decorated with sesame seeds on top, and served with a small cup of honey. The medium-sized buns costs 20 Riyal, while the bigger one costs 35 Riyal. We can always finish the bigger bun in a day. 

An estate of Cheese Buns

The thing about these Cheese Buns is that the bread is very fluffy, sweet, and chewy. When you bite into the bun, your teeth will then bump into a generous amount of cottage cheese. Let the savory cheese and the sweet bread blend together, the next thing you know, you would probably on your feet with your wallet in your pocket, running to the store to buy some more before it runs out. 

Unfortunately, this bread is only at its' finest state for a day. If you store it in the fridge for a couple of days after you buy them, the bread will be dry and airy, but they are still eatable and not expire just yet. 
The bakers always make them everyday, but they run out fast. Those buns are usually placed at the cashier. Just ask one of the worker for some Cheese Buns and they will reply with, "Big or small?". Don't hesitate to decide on having the big one. Trust me. 

Look at those plump buns

Shadad Al Jazera Sweets and Pastries
Airport Road Doha, Ad Dawhah
Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974 4464 5424

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