Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snickers Cruncher Chocolate Bar

Did I say I love Snickers? Well, I changed my mind. I officially declare that my most favorite chocolate bar for the time being is. . . SNICKERS CRUNCHER! If you think Snickers is awesome, Snickers Cruncher is PLAIN EPIC.

Share the same physical appearance with a regular Snickers Chocolate Bar, Snickers Cruncher has a lighter and crunchier filling. It is filled with sweet caramel, rice crispy, and savory peanuts. Snickers Cruncher doesn't contain nougats, which makes it way lighter than the regular Snickers. I could eat a couple bars per day, or maybe three, or four. 

Other than the fact that this chocolate bars lacks of nougats, I also notice how sugary and sweet it is. I have a cavity you see, and the moment it touches the sweet and gooey milk chocolate, it immediately made me squirm in pain. Chocolates are not supposed to hurt us when it makes contact with cavities, sugar is. This made Snickers Cruncher an even more sinful treat. 

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