Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Veggie Bacon Fettucini & Cheddar Roll

Merry Christmas! 
'Tis the season to be jolly, enjoy food and drinks with family 

This morning I woke up to an empty dinning table. There were no food in sight, except a few Rambutan. Mom had not cook anything, neither for breakfast, nor lunch. So, I took the advantage of the situation and made myself a Pancake for breakfast. "How about if I cook some pasta," offered Mom. I immediately nodded! At first, I was going to laze around while Mom cooks, but then and idea came up. The idea of using whatever ingredient in sight to make Mozzarella Sticks, like the one you can buy in Pizza Hut. Unfortunately, we only have a couple loafs of bread and some Cheddar Cheese at home, but desperate times call for desperate measures!

Cheddar Roll

- 2 loafs of bread (I used Sari Roti's product)
- Cheddar Cheese
- Unsalted Butter

Cooking Utensils:
- Knife
- Oven Toaster 
- Cheese Grater

Hot to Make:
- Cut the bread crust away, leaving you with the soft and chewy white part of the loaf.

- Slice the bread loaf into four parts.

- Shred the Cheddar Cheese and put them on top of the bread.

- Roll the bread to envelope the Cheddar Cheese and pinch the edge with your fingers to seal it.

Before toasting

- Apply some Unsalted Butter on top of the bread.

- Put them in the Oven Toaster for 5 minutes.

After toasting

When you get a tray of crunchy and chewy Cheddar Roll as the outcome, it means that you succeed!

While I was toasting some Cheddar Rolls, Mom was busy making a pan of creamy white sauce to glaze the Fettucini with. She put Carrots and Bacons bits into the pan and start doing her magic. In less than half an hour, a bowl of Fettucini, along with a pan of aromatic white sauce was served!

Veggie Bacon Fettucini

- Fettucini
- Water (to cook the Fettucini)
- 1 stick of Carrot
- 1 strip of Bacon (or 10 strips, I don't care, because Bacon is awesome)
- 2 tbs of Cooking Oil
- 2 cloves of Garlic
- A pinch of Salt
- A pinch of Pepper
- 1 cup of Fresh Milk
- 2 sticks of Celery 
- 1 cup of Flour

How to Make:
- Dice the Carrot, slice the Bacon, and cut the Garlic Cloves into small bits.

- Put them in a pan, along with the Cooking Oil, and cook them well. 

Cook them well, but not until the Carrot is mushy

- Cut some Celery and put them in as well.

Cut the Celery into small bits

- Pour some Milk into the mixture and stir well.

- Season the white sauce with some Salt and Pepper.

- Pour some Flour into the white substance and stir well. Later on, you will end up with a nice thick white sauce.

- Cook the Fettucini accordingly. 
If you like them a bit chewy and slightly stiff, then cook them until medium well. If you like them soft and mushy, then cook them until well done.

Boil a handful of Fettucini

Let them cook nicely

And there you have it, a plate of Veggie Bacon Fettucini and some Cheddar Rolls! Both dishes are pretty simple to make and goes well in this Christmas atmosphere. It's a shame it doesn't snow here in Indonesia, because what would beat the cold weather other than a plate of warm Fettucini and a glass of milk? 

Lunch is serve!

The Cheddar Roll went well with the white sauce

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  1. well, you make me hungry :) it's nice to finding blog which is talk about food such as yours. mostly I found about fashion. I love food, I like cook too. I'm sure I'm gonna try your recipe at home in my spare time :) hey I couldn't find your follow button on your page. I ensure to come back to your blog :)

    1. Dear Aldila,

      thank you for visiting my food blog! One of the reason I make this food blog is to make people hungry, and it seems to me that I succeed, woohoo! You are most welcome to try this recipe. Looking forward to hear from you. Happy cooking!

      Kinan L. Wirastani