Thursday, January 17, 2013

Al Sadiq Sweets

One day, when I was at Doha - Qatar, my parents and I went to this place named Al Sadiq Sweets. Judging from the name, I bet you can all guess what kind of products that they sell at that place. That's right, sweets. 

I have been to Al Sadiq Sweets quite a lot. Other than the fact that they sell chocolates and candies, they also sell nuts! Almond, chestnuts, green peas, you name it, they have it here at this particular sweet shop that's located at somewhere inside Souq Waqif.

Bags and bags of nuts

Which chocolate do you want?

When you enter the store, you will find glass containers filled with different kinds of chocolates. It's like entering an Arabic version of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Dozens and dozens of chocolates are stored here, and don't forget the candies. All the colorful wrappings would immediately lit up one's heart with joy and excitement. 

Measuring the amount of the mixed nuts

My favorite nuts: Mixed Nuts

My favorite is the mixed nuts! I have no idea what kinds of nuts and crisps contained in that bag. I only know one type of nuts, which is the green pea. My second favorite is Villar's milk chocolate. There are two types of milk chocolate, such as the plain one and the one that has crispy rice inside, I like them both.

Packs of Villars' mixed chocolate

Another favorite of mine: Villars' Milk Chocolate

The thing I like the most about this place is that the seller is kind enough to let us try the chocolate and candy. One time, when I was just browsing through the endless display of chocolates, one of the seller came up to me and allow me to taste one. "Try, try. Just try," he said. I took one wrapping and enjoy the sweet milky texture of one of Villars' milk chocolate. How can you say no to free stuff, right?

Al Sadiq Sweets
Souq Waqif (between Musherib and Al Rayyan Road)
P.O. Box 161

Phone: (+974) 4411379

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