Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Cup of Cafe Latte

I made my way back to Gudang Rottie and made myself a cup of Cafe Latte. Sadly, I over brewed the Espresso. 26 seconds should be enough to get the proper Espresso, yet 45 seconds was how long I waited for the shot glass to be filled with droppings of the black substance. I got a couple shots of bitter and awful Espresso in the end. 

Then, I steamed some milk and prepared myself to pour it in. I took a spoon and scoop the micro foam onto the latte. I was going to draw a snowflake on the creamy latte, yet I drew a line on the wrong direction. In the end, I got myself a flower-like drawing similar to a Rose Mallow. 

A month long hiatus from latte-making is really bad for my inner barista self. 

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