Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bear Brand Gold

Don't we all just love the fusion of flavors between cereal and milk? 

What if I tell you that, in Indonesia, such product exists in a form of a canned drink and we can actually buy them in grocery stores? 

The Gold Twins

Yes, Nestle's Bear Brand Gold twins! You might expect something absurd and out of the ordinary, but these milk actually has a hint of cereal flavor in it. Each can is filled with 140mL of milk and costs around Rp7.000,00. They come in two flavors, Malt Putih and Teh Putih, and my favorite is the first one. 

Bear Brand Gold: Malt Putih consists of fresh milk with grain essence. The grain essence makes the milk tasted like as if it had a handful of Corn Flakes swimming in it. The flavor is quite strong, as in familiar for those who had taste Corn Flakes with fresh milk before.

On the other hand, Bear Brand Gold: Teh Putih has drops of tea essence in it. Much to my surprise, it had a hint of Fruity Pebbles in it, instead of sharing the same taste with milk tea. For those who are not familiar with Fruity Pebbles, it is a colorful fruit flavored cereal that tasted sweet and fruity. Compared to its' twin sister, Bear Brand Gold: Teh Putih's cereal flavor is not that strong, but still delightful. 

So, fancy a can of cereal? 

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