Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Biella's Tiramisú

A while ago, when I was at Doha, Qatar, my parents and I paid a visit to Biella for dinner. Biella here is a favorite Italian restaurant of ours that we regularly visit from time to time. One night, after we stuffed ourself with Ravioli and Veal, Mom, Dad, and I decided to order a plate of Tiramisú for dessert to be shared among the three of us. It was the best decision that we made that day.

The Tiramisú was square in shape, decorated with half of a Strawberry and a piece of chocolate. Dusted with cocoa powder and powdered sugar on the side, this particular Italian trifle consisted of "Biscotti fingers soaked in Espresso, layered with sweet Mascarpone Cream". The Italian dessert is very fragile, judging from the fact that the whole cake vibrated when I accidently hit the table with my knee. Mom, Dad, and I were mesmerized.

29 Qatari riyals was spent for this Tiramisú. It's pretty expensive for a cake. But, if I were Dad, I would not regret every single riyal I spent on that cake. Biella's Tiramisú is the real deal! It's a genuine Tiramisú!

The Biscotti that was soaked in Espresso was very light and fluffy, the bitterness and the acidic taste of the Espresso was very strong. On the other hand, the Mascarpone cream was as light as feathers. It was sweet, slightly cheesy, and very creamy. 

Biella's version of Tiramisú melts in your mouth the moment it enters your mouth! Seriously, it did! "Oh wow, how do you describe this cake," said Dad, "it actually melts in your mouth!". Even my Dad couldn't lie about how delicate and fragile the cake was. 

To be honest, words escape me to describe the perfection of Biella's Tiramisú. It's just that good. 

The Mall D-Ring Road, Old Airport
Doha, Ad Dawnah, Qatar

Phone: (+974) 4467-7732

Hours: 10 AM - 12 AM

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