Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chicharrito: Flamin' Hot

Just today, my Dad gave me a small packaging of flavored Chicharrón that he bought when he went to the Philippines. Chicharrón, you see, are deep fried pork skin and pork fat. They are very very crunchy and crispy, they can sometime hurt the inner part of your mouth because of their tough physic. This particular snack is well known in Latin Amerika and Asia. 

Chicharritos is the name of the snack. This particular pack has Flamin' Hot flavor. Judging from the title, I immediately think that the Chicharróns are super hot and spicy. As a pork enthusiast and curious gastronomer that I am, I was very excited to find out about how it tasted. I immediately teared the packaging and try a piece. 

Flamin' Hot Chicharritos

There is actually a reason why Dad gave me this snack. "I don't like this Chicharron because they tasted sour," said Dad. At first, I thought he was bluffing, but it turned out that he was telling the truth. The Chicharróns were super sour, and not the slightest bit hot nor spicy because of chilly pepper. It's like they were bathe in Vinegar, lemon zest, and salt before they were packed. They were plain sour and not delicious my taste buds were tormented! 

I don't like them Chicharróns, and neither was my Mom, judging from the fact the she actually twitched when she tried a piece of those flavored deep-fried pork skin. I don't even have the desire to get near those flavored pork skin anymore. They are just lying there on the table, abandoned and untouched . . . 

The writings on the backside of the packaging

The super sour Chicharróns

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