Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Doha's Opera Patisserie

A couple days ago, I went to Doha's Opera Patisserie for the first time. I went there with my Dad's friend, Tante Rosi, and her daughter, Nabila. The patisserie is located at The Mall, a rather big, yet compact, mall located just 10-minute-drive from where I live.

Opéra Cafe

As we entered the cake shop, we were welcomed by a gorgeous display of cakes and chocolates. There were different sizes of cakes with different kinds of toppings. One of them has fruits on top, while the other has Vanilla cream. Another cake was decorated with some kind of jam, I assume it was Strawberry because it was red in color, and adjacent to that cake was an oval-shaped dessert coated in green colored cream. It was really fun to see such scenery!

The sight of Opera Patisserie's entrance 

Tante Rosi has been to Opera Patisserie before, so she knows which cake is good. We settle down for a big tray of Chocolate Mousse Cake and some petite cakes. The big cake costed 110 Riyal and the small ones were 2.5 Riyal each. We headed home right away because we were very excited to get our hands on that delicious melty mousse. 

A box of Opera Patisserie's Chocolate Mousse Cake

Petite cakes that worth 2.5 Riyal each

After lunch was over, we immediately attacked the cakes and bellow is the result of my observation (do take notes that when we pick the petite cakes at the patisserie, we simply point our finger, we didn't know the names of the cakes),

1. I'm guessing that it is a Blueberry Cheese Cake. At the bottom of the cake was a fragile and savory pie crust, on top of it was soft and delicate cream cheese topped with Blueberry jam. The cake was a letdown for a sweet-tooth, but a two-thumbs up for a those who fancy cheese cake. It was not sweet and nauseating, very light, and suitable to be consumed with a cup of Grand Wedding flavored tea.

2. Unfortunately, this cake was very dry and airy. It taste like leftover cake that has been left inside the fridge for three days. It was sweet and chocolaty, yet it was not at its' best condition.

3. This igloo-shaped cake is actually chocolate ganache covered chocolate mousse. Inside the chocolate mousse was clumps of savory and sandy nuts. This cake is very delightful! It was melty and gooey, very delicious, and the chocolate would just stick there at the ceiling of your mouth like peanut butter.

4. Cake number four is is a plain chocolate cake covered in milk chocolate. The cake was sweet and delicious, but there was nothing to shout about.

5. I picked this cake at the patisserie because it looked different than the other cakes inside the glass display. The cake was covered in some kind of green colored cream and is topped with pistachio. As I cut this cake open, I was welcomed by a wee bit of green colored cake in the middle of the petite dessert. I tried this cake and it tasted like pandan. It was nice, but I'm not that fond of it.

6. The last but not least, cake number six. I'm guessing it's a pistachio cake, but it tasted like pandan, same like the previous cake. 

This cake is to die for

The big cake that we bought, the Chocolate Mousse Cake, was shared with everyone for dessert. There were seven of us, surrounding the table in the living room as Tante Rosi took over the duty to cut the cake into pieces. The sides of the cake was wrapped with plastic - took it off, then the chocolate ganache on the surface of the cake started to drip. The cake was very very gooey and melty and yummy I couldn't help but to mentally drool all over the cake. 

The plastic wrapping had some chocolate ganache on it and was handed over to Nabila and Oom Bobby to be 'cleaned'. Guess how they did it?


We don't have time to make pie chart

I got a piece of the cake and it was the most beautiful piece of cake I have seen on that day. Three layers of cake topped with sweet and melty chocolate ganache, with chocolate cream on the sides, and a bread-like wall circling the cake itself. 

When you stick a fork inside that cake, you can actually feel how feather-like the cake is. The chocolate cake was very soft, not to mention the chocolate cream, and don't you make me start talking about the chocolate ganache. The only stiff component from the cake is the bread-like stripy wall surrounding it.

The best cake in town

I cut a big piece of the cake and indulged. It tasted like.. AN ERUPTION OF A CHOCOLATE VOLCANO! The cake literary melts in your mouth. The combination of the texture - the cake, the chocolate cream, and the chocolate ganache - was very enjoyable. It tasted sweet, chocolaty, gooey, and I had lean back on the sofa so that I wouldn't pass out from the deliciousness. My favorite part of the cake was actually the bread-like wall, I have no idea why. It tasted plain, but a bit savory, and it was stiff. Compared to the chocolaty cake, the stripy wall doesn't stand a chance. But somehow, I like it very much.

This cake was very very DELICIOUS, with capital D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S, emphasizing on the "delicious". If I could use the word "very" a lot of times before "delicious", I would use hundreds of them. 

Bon Appétit

For those who live in Doha, Qatar, you have got to get your butt to Opera Patisserie and get this epic Chocolate Mousse Cake. The big one costs 110 Riyal, but price may vary. The medium sized cake is 10 Riyal each and the petite cake is 2.5 Riyal each. Happy shopping, happy indulging, and don't worry about how you will gain weight after munching down a whole cake because you can always jog a mile! 

For more information about Opera Patisserie, you can go to their website here.

Opera Patisserie
The Mall, Shopping Complex
D-Ring Road
P.O. BOX 22544
Doha, Qatar

Phone: (+974) 467 8884 / (+974) 467 5277

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