Monday, January 21, 2013

OldTown White Coffee's Kaya & Butter Toast

It was at night when my parents and I decided to make a quick stop at OldTown White Coffee while we wait for our plane. 10 o'clock, my watch showed, and my plane will not takeoff in another two hours. So, the three of us rest our butts at a table near the smoking room and ordered some refreshments. I ordered myself a plate of Butter & Kaya Toast and Dad ordered a glass of OldTown's Enriched Cold Milk. 

OldTown's choice of dishes

Dad's cold chocolate drink was milky and creamy! This cold beverage costed Rp27.000,00 each. It is fresh and refreshing. The milk was very thick and creamy, making the whole drink itself rather heavy and pretty much suitable to be consumed when our stomach is empty.

Dad's OldTown Enriched Cold Chocolate

Cold and thick

You know how some food products ended up different than the one in the add, right? Well, I had the feeling that my toast would turned out like so, and I was right. But, my dish came out worse than I expected it would be. My toast looked very crispy and dry, similar to a dessert. It was thin and very crispy, and there were no creamy butter on sight. I was a bit disappointed with its' physical appearance, but, let's not judge a book by its' cover, shall we? 

OldTown's Butter & Kaya Toast

How the toast supposed to look like

Each plate consists of two toasts and it costs Rp23.000,00. It was crispy, and it tasted sweet from the Kaya jam and also salty from the butter. Light and not nauseating describes my Kaya & Butter Toast nicely. I have never tried Kaya jam before and, I have to say, it somehow tasted like Marmalade Jam. 

Kaya jam, Ladies and Gentleman, is made out of coconut milk and egg. Combine those two ingredients together, then add some sugar and pandan leaf into the mixture, and voila! there you have it. The jam is sweet and creamy, somewhat milky and caramel-like as well. This particular food is well consumed in Southeast Asia, especially Singapore and Malaysia. 

My first experience in eating Kaya & Butter Toast was nice. The Kaya jam and the butter blended nicely with each other. But, I can't help but to think that the crunchy toast works better with crisp bacons, sliced ham, poached egg, melted cheddar, some hollandaise sauce, and a dash of fresh cut celery.

The Kaya & Butter Toast that is lacking of butter

One unfortunate thing about my dining experience at OldTown White Coffee was about how the place the lack of good service. One of the waitress was rudely shouting to answer the chef's call and another waiter lacks of friendliness. It was a bit uncomfortable to dine in such situation, but Dad's cold chocolate managed to ease my temper.

Peek-a-boo, I see only a wee butter in you!

OldTown White Coffee
Terminal 2, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

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