Monday, January 14, 2013

Shake Shack

A chain of Shake Shack, a fast food restaurant in which originated from the USA, has recently going on business at Doha, Qatar. It is located at Villaggio Mall, only 15-minutes away from my Dad's place if we were to go there by car. I was visiting Villaggio one day, with no awareness of the existence of the restaurant, and there was a banner with cute drawing of green burger on it and the words, "NOW OPEN!". My Dad's friend and his kids were very interested about this Shake Shack, so was I, hence we decided to pay this burger joint a visit. 

Locating the restaurant was a bit of a challenge because we were not that familiar with the mall. After half an hour wandering around like a pack of lost sheep, we finally arrived at Shake Shack. We were welcomed by a long queue of Qatari lining up to place their orders. On my left was the restaurant's wall, decorated with blackboard with writings of the dishes available in the fast-food corner. It took me a while to choose my dish, all of them looked delicious. In the end, I went for the Shack Burger and Strawberry Banana Triffle. 

Menu board

The open kitchen at Shake Shack

High-tech gadget of Shake Shack

I had a hard time in choosing what to have for lunch

After you place your order in Shake Shack, the lady from the cashier will hand you a thin square gadget to inform you wether or not your food are ready to be taken. This is how it works: When our food is ready, one of the staff will push a wire-less button that will light up the gizmo to signal us that we can approach the counter to get our food. The high-tech stuff will be like a Christmas tree, as in having red lights blinking all over the place. 

"When I'm shakin' come on up to the shack!"

About half an hour after we ordered some burgers and trifle, the gizmo lit up. Oom Katili, went to the counter to grab our tray of lunch. I was mesmerized by the sight of the dishes of course!

Ain't they look gorgeous and appetizing? 

Wrapped in a transparent paper, the burgers were big and chubby. They were stuffed with meat and veggie until they looked like they were about to explode. Overall color of the burger was excellent - brown burger buns, fresh-looking bright-colored lettuce and tomato, dark yellow melted cheddar, dark brown meat patties with black spots at random places due to the effect of being in a griller. How can one not drool at such sight?

In my opinion, having greens in a burger will destroy the deliciousness of the meat patty and the buns, so I took the liberty to eat them first. After the lettuce and the tomato were out of sight, then I proceed in penetrating my canine teeth into the fluffy bun and savory meat. Then, suddenly.. AN EXPLOSION OF FLAVORS IN MY MOUTH!

The grilled meat and the melted cheese were very juicy! The juice drips from the patty and soaked itself into the buns, in which made them tasted superb. The buns were soggy from the juice, resulting a more soft and fluffy texture. That is what I called a great burger!

On the other hand, my Strawberry Banana Trifle were soft pink in color, with hints of dark yellow objects in it. Made out of crushed Vanilla custard, Strawberry pure, fresh banana, and shortbread cookie, the Strawberry Banana Trifle was fantastic - mildly sweet, dominated by the flavor of the banana, soft and creamy, cold and chilly. If only they add a bit more of those shortbread cookie, I would definitely settle down for another round.

Strawberry Banana Trifle

Cheese Burger and Double Shack Burger

Cheese Burger, minus the veggie

My Double Shack Burger

What kind of a daughter I am for not bringing some of those epic burgers for my Mom and Dad? I ordered a couple of Double Cheese Burgers, minus the veggies, for Mom and Dad's dinner. Each burger costed 35 Qatari Riyal, but I don't care because they define the word "Epic". The take-outs were placed in a brown recyclable paper bag, with adorable drawings of fast food. Again, the burgers were wrapped in transparent eco-friendly papers. I brought them home and my parents love it. I will definitely visit Shake Shack again the next time I go to Villaggio Mall!

Take-outs for Mom and Dad

Eco-friendly take-out bag

Two Double Cheese Burgers for Mom and Dad

Shake Shack
Villaggio Mall
Gate 4, Aspire Zone
Al Waab Street, Doha - Qatar

Phone: (+974) 44135395

Opening Hours:
Saturday - Thursday: 12 PM - Midnight
Friday: 1 PM - Midnight

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