Friday, February 8, 2013

Asahi's Caramel and Fruits Biscuit

Another souvenir that Dad brought home after his trip to Osaka, Asahi's Caramel and Fruit Biscuit. This is, so far, the best Japanese snack I have ever eaten! 

Asahi's Caramel and Fruit Biscuit

The packaging is based in orange color. Very cute and adorable design. I mean, just look at those bunnies, and fruits, and bird, and Comic-sans-like Japanese writing! 

When you tear the packaging, you will find a couple of small packaging inside, in which contains a pair of biscuit sandwich each.


The sight of the smaller packaging

Tear open the small packaging and, voila!, a pair of Caramel and Fruit Biscuits reporting for duty! I was not disappointed by how the biscuits turned out to be, because they look very similar to the ones printed on the packaging. Them biscuits had a very strong and delicious caramel scent. You can even smell them from an arm-long distance. Not many biscuits have such forte, right? 

The biscuits are soft brown in color, and dried fruits can be found on the surfaces. Between them is a thick layer of creme-colored caramel cream. The biscuits were heavy and solid, unlike the fragile chocolate chip cookies that you can find in the grocery store.

Fancy a biscuit or two?

Spotted those delicious caramel cream?

At first bite, I was at bed of roses! These Caramel and Fruit Biscuits were beyond delicious and delectable. The biscuit was dry, but it was not airy at all. The savory biscuit shattered into fragments of delicious crumbs. The flavor combination of the biscuit was perfect, not too sweet, nor too plain! 

As much as I want to keep the biscuits to myself, I need to tell the people in the house about how good the snack is. So, I decided to open both packs, break the biscuits into parts, and share them with the six of us. There were Mom, Dad, and I, and three of Dad's friends. The six of us came back with great reviews for the biscuits! 

When you get to Japan, make sure you don't forget to buy this particular snack. Buy dozens if you have to, for souvenirs and for your monthly stock of snack. You can never get enough of Asahi's Caramel and Fruit Biscuits, trust me!

The biscuit is compacted with each other


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